Famous Ip Part-1

Following is a short list of some of the famous IPs'. If you mess with these comps you know where you are going to land.So whatever you do dont even think of these ip's. I am publishing this list so that however bigger a hacker you may be if you dont want to get behind bars just keep away from these Ip's. Most of them use advanced methods to findout who visited these IP's and from where.

6.* - Army Information Systems Center
7.*.*.* Defense Information Systems Agency, VA
11.*.*.* DoD Intel Information Systems, Defense Intelligenca Agency, Washington DC
21. - US Defense Information Systems Agency
22.* - Defense Information Systems Agency
25.*.*.* Royal Signals and Radar Establishment, UK
26.* - Defense Information Systems Agency
29.* - Defense Information Systems Agency
30.* - Defense Information Systems Agency
49.* - Joint Tactical Command
50.* - Joint Tactical Command
55.* - Army National Gaurd Bureau
55.* - Army National Guard Bureau - Do not scan!

RANGE 128 Army Yuma Proving Ground Naval Surface Warfare Center Defence Research Establishment-Ottawa Army Communications Electronics Command Naval Ocean Systems Center Department of Defense Department of Defense U.S. Naval Academy Naval Research Laboratory Army Ballistics Research Laboratory Army Communications Electronics Command - Defence Evaluation and Research Agency NASA Ames Research Center NASA Headquarters NASA Wallops Flight Facility NASA Langley Research Center NASA Lewis Network Control Center NASA Johnson Space Center NASA Ames Research Center NASA Ames Research Center Naval Research Laboratory NASA Ames Research Center NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Army Belvoir Reasearch and Development Center 50th Space Wing MacDill Air Force Base NASA Kennedy Space Center U.S. Air Force Academy

RANGE 129 Strategic Defense Initiative Organization United States Military Academy NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Patrick Air Force Base Wright-Patterson Air Force Base - 66SPTG-SCB Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA Air Force Institute of Technology NASA Ames Research Center Naval Weapons Center Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center 85 MISSION SUPPORT SQUADRON/SCSN NASA/Johnson Space Center NASA IVV NASA Goddard Space Flight Center NASA - John F. Kennedy Space Center NASA Marshall Space Flight Center NASA Lewis Research Center Naval Underwater Systems Center Air Force Flight Test Center Army Ballistics Research Laboratory U.S. Army Corps of Engineers United States Air Force Academy

RANGE 130 NASA Johnson Space Center Mather Air Force Base Naval Coastal Systems Center Army Aberdeen Proving Ground Installation Support Activity Honeywell Defense Systems Group U.S.Army Corps of Engineers NASA Headquarters

RANGE 131 - Mather Air Force Base Langley Air Force Base Barksdale Air Force Base Sheppard Air Force Base Hahn Air Base Keesler Air Force Base 6 Communications Squadron Patrick Air Force Base 75 ABW 62 CS/SCSNT 37 Communications Squadron Fairchild Air Force Base Yokota Air Base Elmendorf Air Force Base Hickam Air Force Base 354CS/SCSN Bergstrom Air Force Base Randolph Air Force Base 20 Communications Squadron Andersen Air Force Base Davis-Monthan Air Force Base 56 Communications Squadron /SCBB Air Force Concentrator Network Upper Heyford Air Force Base Alconbury Royal Air Force Base 7 Communications Squadron McConnell Air Force Base Norton Air Force Base - NAVAL AVIATION DEPOT CHERRY PO Defense MegaCenter Columbus Defense Technical Information Center Army Information Systems Command - Aberdeen (EA) McClellan Air Force Base NASA/Michoud Assembly Facility Naval Postgraduate School United States Naval Academy United States Naval Academy European Space Operations Center NASA Headquarters Office of the Chief of Naval Research

RANGE 132 Williams Air Force Base - 49th Fighter Wing Ankara Air Station - SSG/SINO 28th Bomb Wing 319 Comm Sq Hellenikon Air Base Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base Air Force Concentrator Network Kadena Air Base Kunsan Air Base Lindsey Air Station McGuire Air Force Base 100CS (NET-MILDENHALL) 35th Communications Squadron Plattsburgh Air Force Base 23Communications Sq Dover Air Force Base 786 CS/SCBM - 39CS/SCBBN 14TH COMMUNICATION SQUADRON Lajes Air Force Base Loring Air Force Base 60CS/SCSNM Cannon Air Force Base Altus Air Force Base 75 ABW Goodfellow AFB K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base 347 COMMUNICATION SQUADRON Spangdahlem Air Force Base Zweibruchen Air Force Base Chanute Air Force Base Columbus Air Force Base Laughlin Air Force Base 366CS/SCSN Reese Air Force Base Vance Air Force Base Langley AFB Torrejon Air Force Base - 9 CS/SC Castle Air Force Base Nellis Air Force Base 24Comm SquadronSCSNA - 42ND COMMUNICATION SQUADRON SSG/SIN - 377 COMMUNICATION SQUADRON Army National Guard Bureau - NGB-AIS-OS - National Guard Bureau Army National Guard Bureau National Guard Bureau - National Guard Bureau Army National Guard Bureau - National Guard Bureau - DOD Network Information Center - Army National Guard Bureau - Army National Guard Bureau National Guard Bureau - Army National Guard Bureau Army National Guard Army National Guard Bureau - Army National Guard Bureau South Carolina Army National Guard, USPFO National Guard Bureau - National Guard Bureau Army Information Systems Command Army Research Office Naval Research Laboratory

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