How To Hide Your Malicious Code Into A Simple Scrap Document

Malicious code (also called vandals) is a new breed of Internet threat that cannot be efficiently controlled by conventional antivirus software alone. In contrast to viruses that require a user to execute a program in order to cause damage, vandals are auto-executable applications.

As Very understood, a simple user would not Open Any malicious file untill or unless he is forced or Phished to do so.
Therefore, Here is The way How to Create a Malicious code Within an scrap document so that A SImple user Cannot Identify It.
  1. Make a copy of Notepad.exe and place it on your desktop.
  2. Open Wordpad.
  3. Click and drag the copy of Notepad.exe you placed on the desktop into the open Wordpad document.
  4. Next, click on Edit, Package Object, Edit Package.
  5. Then click on Edit, Command Line.
  6. At the command-line prompt, type a command such as dir c: /p; then click on OK.
  7. You can now change the icon if so desired.
  8. Exit from the edit window, and the document will be updated.
  9. Click and drag Notepad.exe back to the desktop.
  10. The file will have taken the name Scrap; rename it ImportantMessage.txt.
  11. Click on ImportantMessage.txt and observe the results. You should notice that the scrap produced a directory listing of the C drive. If you were a malicious hacker, you could have just as easily set up the command to reformat the hard drive or erase all the system files.
N thus, you are done with it. Hope You Enjoyed The Article..

Enjoy Hacking

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