LOCO / Land of Chaos online (PC/ENG/2010)

LOCO / Land of Chaos online (PC/ENG/2010)

LOCO / Land of Chaos online (PC/ENG/2010) | 1.92 GB

Land of Chaos Online is a free battle and rapid on-line real time strategy with RPG elements and militants from a third party. The closest analogue - the famous mod Defense of the Ancients, which will remind dozens of unique characters, rapid tactical battles, carefully thought-through, but at the same time flexible rules of the game. For the beauty of the Lands of Chaos and plasticity of the characters meets software kernel Unreal Engine 3. Exciting game adds a nonlinear character development, an opportunity to improve the equipment's favorite hero, and a large selection of multiplayer modes that can entertain as 2, and 16 players, divided into two teams. 

Lands of Chaos Online - a new word in the MMO-entertainment, an incredibly fascinating mix of the most popular genres: RTS, RPG and militants from a third party. Largely inspired by the LOCO best moments of the famous mod Defense of the Ancients. This dynamic battles involving defense and attack, and flexible terms of victories and dozens of disparate characters with strengths and weaknesses, and the NPC, which can attract to its side, and, of course, competent team game.
- Unique fusion of genres! Expanse for strategists, a paradise for rolevikov, luxury playground for the supporters of the fight face to face with the enemy.
- Dynamic battles! Think fast, act faster, and do not forget that in an ideal team, even weak characters are transformed into force.
- Unique tactical battle! Every battle is unique in LOCO, each battle requires elaborated tactics. Frazzle enemy guerrilla incursions, to organize a massive breakthrough in the frontal attack or a hit from all fronts simultaneously - you decide.
- Your unique style! A wide choice of characters with unique characteristics, skills and preferences in combat tactics. Develop character in accordance with your views about the strength, weakness and appearance.
- Team - guarantee of victory! Create teams and guilds, dial ratings rise on tournament ladders, to crush anyone who dares to say that your team - weaklings.
- Powered by Unreal Engine 3! A powerful and flexible technology, proven in games of various genres, means a stable network code, riot of special effects, incredible, but the beautiful scenery and smooth animation heroes.

System requirements: 
- CPU Intel Core2 Duo
- 2 GB RAM
- Operating System Windows 2K/XP Windows Vista / 7
- Graphic Card GeForce 6600 or faster
- DirectX 9.0 c
- Network ISDN or faster

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