Iron Roses [UB]

Iron Roses [UB]
Iron Roses [UB]
Mac | Cateia Games | 168.9MB
Genre: Adventure | Arcade

Climb to the top of the rock world in Iron Roses, a behind-the-scenes musical adventure on how a small-time band finally made it big!

Alex's true love in life has always been music, especially that of her former band, Iron Roses. After a bitter break-up early on and all bandmates going their separate ways, Alex drifted from job to job, still dreaming of one day scaling the mountaintop and hitting it big in music.

Recently, she has fallen on hard luck, even having to pawn her guitar and not making rent. But with her back against the wall, she's ready to fight back!


* Work your way to rock stardom in this musical adventure
* Travel through a bustling, living city full of interesting people
* Overcome obstacles by solving puzzles and playing fun mini-games
* Enjoy real original songs from the band Megasapien
* Reunite your rock group and take on the Battle of the Bands

System Requirements
# Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC or Intel)
# 256 MB RAM
# 200 MB Hard disc space
# 32 MB 3D video card
# DirectX 9



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