Why you shouldn't phish, keylog, SE on Facebook.

Well, I made a tutorial before this post about bypassing Facebook security and recently I began to think to myself that I should write this tutorial considering that even if you do eventually acquire the password and e-mail, you will still be stuck with the problem that I spoke about on my other posts regarding the situation of "Logging in from another Location"

I have noticed that when a lot of new members ask about how they can "hack" a Facebook account, most people suggest keylogging, rating, phishing, and even social engineering as the most notable methods.

Reference to my old thread for more info: (Click to view)

I won't waste your time and I will go straight to the point. I won't go into deep details since I already did on my old post. I will merely display some other problems when acquiring or taking over a Facebook account.

Why not phish on Facebook?

Well, as stated on my old post...A problem appears showing that you are logging in from a different location, so even if you have a password and the e-mail. You will still have the problem and you won't be able to log in. This problem happens when you attempt to change their passwords manually by having the URL sent to their e-mails.

Once again, you would need to spoof their IPs to bypass that.

Why not keylog?

Well, again...Keylogs only record keystrokes executed on the person's keyboards. You will have access to text and nothing else. By text, I am referring to whatever you seek such as e-mail and password. The same problem will happen here about logging in from another location.

Once again, you would need to spoof their IPs to bypass that.

Why not social engineer?

Well, you might be able to eventually get access to their e-mail and password info, but the problem of Logging in from another location will still be there, so you'll still be screwed.

So, what you may wonder, what should I do then?

Personally, I would highly suggest to ONLY RAT the person if you are attacking them from a different location. However, if you know the person personally, I would suggest keylogging since there is a possibility that you might be able to have access to the computers they use and the problem of Logging in from another location will go away. I explained more into locations and situations on my old thread.

Please read my old posts for more details as to when you should keylog or phish.

To wrap it up, I would suggest RATing only if you don't know your slave to a personal level since you will essentially have complete access to their computers and allowing you to do things on their computers rather than your own.

Keylogging, Phishing, and SE are good methods for acquiring the info, but bypassing Facebook is where the problem comes.

Keylogging, Phishing, and SE are still good methods to attack other websites, but Facebook became smart enough to make it a bit more difficult for "hackers" to take over accounts.

All credits goes to me.. Please don't leech.

Enjoy. Black Hat

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