How to Quickly Learn Typing with 10 Fingers

How to Quickly Learn Typing with 10 Fingers - Talking about typing, I would like to invite all citizens of the world together learn typing ten fingers.
"Why should ten-finger typing? I can type fast while using two fingers." Hmmm, this is called mental block ya. For that use two fingers, you will be very difficult to type without looking at the keyboard. Though today's era is synonymous with social networking chat. If you type slowly will reduce the effectiveness of social networking, ESPECIALLY to chat with another.

Just imagine, you know how many years and touched the keyboard? But why until now you still can not use it properly? Learn to memorize the ten fingers are like phone numbers. If we never have any intention of-12 for memorizing the number, we'll never remember it until whenever. But if we intend not just memorize it for 1 minute, we can keep memorized for years. Likewise with 10 finger typing, if not there is intent for learn, at any time until'll never be. If there is no intention, wrote a week could already typing without looking at the keyboard and it's going to stick in your brain until whenever.

10 Finger Typing Way :
First first know the position of the fingers - your fingers on the keyboard as follows:

typing with 10 fingersNote: In the letter F and J on the QWERTY keyboard, there are differences with the other letters. Ie there is little sign that you can feel with your fingers. It's important to put your finger exactly on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard.

Second are aware of their role - their fingers in typing. Here is a complete image and its color :

Note: You must type in the above guidelines. If typing the letter B you have to use your left hand index finger, do not use the right hand index finger or thumb. So also with the other. If you do not obey my commands, then your typing skills also will not be maximized and will be difficult to type fast.

Try to type your favorite songs you are most familiar. Because learning to type it would be nice if we do it with enjoy. Remember slowly - slowly first, which is important right first. Speed will follow. Rest when you start it is difficult to think of those letter. If the mind is calm already, just started training again.

Okay, in new year 2012, I will give you software that can help ou to learn to type 10 finger rapidly. It's called RAPID TYPING.
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Ok That's enough, Happy Typing !! :D

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