List of Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook keyboard shortcut
Facebook has a small, but useful set of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate the social networking site.

The shortcuts work best with Chrome in Windows and Firefox on Mac OS X, because they only need one modifier key, plus the shortcut key. Also keep in mind that the number shortcuts must be pressed from the number row; they don't work with the number pad.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for Facebook:

Firefox modifier: Shift + Alt + #
Chrome modifier: Alt + #

Firefox modifier: Control + #
Chrome modifier: Control + Option + #
Safari modifier: Control + Option + #

1 : home
2 : timeline/profile
3 : friends
4 : messages
5 : notifications
6 : general account settings
7 : privacy settings
8 : Facebook's Facebook page
9 : legal terms
0 : help center
m : new message
? : search

That's it. If you're wondering why Internet Explorer 9 was left out, it's because only the home and timeline shortcuts seem to work. If you want to use IE9 anyway, the modifier is Alt + #, then Enter.

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