Shortcut You Must Know

Shortcut You Must Know - The most important shortcut -
What is a Shortcut?
Shortcut is the easiest way or the alternate key to be used to do one work easier. Here I will describe some of the shortcuts you need to know the users or people who are dealing with Windows operating systems.

For the browser:

1. To open a website we do not need to writd the full name of the website and its domain. For example we want to open a facebook by typing in "".
How easy is that we simply typing "facebook" wrote, and then press Ctrl + Enter.
I need to explain also, Ctrl + enter are used only for domains ending in. Com, the other is below:
. net = Shift + Enter
. org = Ctrl + Shift + Enter

2. Ctrl + T is to open a tab / new window, so not to bother too much hassle mouse.

3. Ctrl + tab to move the numbers are, for example, you press Ctrl +5, it will move to the tab number 5.

4. Ctrl + F4 to close the tab is currently active.

5. Ctrl + S is for storing web pages on our computers.

6. Ctrl + Shift + T is to re-open previously closed tabs, can be pushed many times, you know.

7. To open link in new tab, we do not need to right click and select open link in new tab, just press the middle mouse button. Middle mouse click is in the middle between the right and left click.

8. Ctrl + (+) is to zoom in (enlarge) the active window.

9. Ctrl + (-) is to zoom out (reduce) the active window.

For Windows:

1. To open the Explorer, we do not need to start right click and select explore, or go to my computer first. Simply press the Windows key + E. Windows button that is located between ctrl and alt.

2. To open the menu simply type RUN windows + R.

3. Alt + F4 to close the active window.

4. windows + D is for me minimizes all active windows.

5. Ctrl + Alt + Del to open task manager rapidly.

6. Shift + del is to erase the data permanently (do not get the recycle bin)

7. Ctrl + A to select all items are available on the active window.

8. Alt + Tab to switch applications are currently active.

9. Ctrl + C to copy the selected item.

10.= Ctrl + V to paste the copy of the file.

11. F2 is the shortcut to rename the selected file.

It wrote well enough for now. Hopefully you can work faster by using the shortcut.

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