How To Use Twitter For Beginners

How to Use Twitter - Here's will post about How To Use Twitter For Beginners.

Immediately, we see How To Use Twitter For Beginners :

To reply, use the @ sign
So, if you want make a reply to someone on twitter or send a message<$2Fspan> to a person who is open and you do not mind others knowing what you wrote for him, remember to put the @ in front of the person's Twitter username. For example, @ username, see you tonight!

To direct messages, use a DM (Direct Message)
If you want to send private messages to users of Twitter, you can find this function in your control panel DM tweet. However, do keep in mind that you can only direct message Twitter users who follow you anyway.

To retweet, put RT
Sometimes you find that certain tweets by other users are worth sharing. So, you intend to share with your list of followers. It is best if you can retweet the original tweets and give credit back to the original user. Just insert the username @ RT before posting your own.

To share pictures, use TwitPic
Web 2.0 is all about sharing. Therefore, if you want share photos through Twitter, you can choose to use TwitPic, a service of the most popular photo sharing on Twitter. Go to the and sign in with your Twitter username and password. There are other Twitter image sharing services as well. Those who stand out are TweetPhoto (, Twitgoo ( and Picktor (

To categorize your tweets, use the hashtag #
If you want create a group or a special keyword, you can use the #. For example, # Obama will create a group specifically mention Obama. Therefore, if you run a search on Twitter about Obama

I hope this post can help you to exist in this popular social networking, post "how to get a thousand followers" will be come soon. HAPPY TWEET !!!


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