Google, Kind-hearted ?

google thousand-tips.blogspot.comThe first time you open Mozilla or other browsers, we would think to type, it happens because it may be a habit that we are always seeking information from this website. Google is a search engine that we can use to search for data on public servers (WWW). Why do I use google in my article on this one, but a lot of other search engines? Because that google is the best and most popular. Whatever we are looking for, just write the keyword of his course, then google will give you the results you want. Easy right? Even if its wrong keyword, google can tell "showing results for ...". Every day we use google, but do we realize how important this one?

I do not want to discuss a lot about how Google could become the most popular search engine, or even how it's work, because I know it's been discussed at and others. But I will try to discuss the other side of google. Inspired to write this article after chat with my school friends on social networks most popular today. She asked how to make a blogspot, and I just answered "wrote the same question At google!" Because I think google will answer very specific and detailed, unlike with my answer. It was just me thinking how important google in my world, and perhaps also in others.

If google can be angry, may be google would angry at you. Because when you find the information you want, you will be escorted to link that information exist, you will automatically leave google (use and throw). Terms of things like this that you might not realize. From google we can get anything, even we can reap the benefits in cash (google adsense or other), and the most important is SCIENCE. To write this article I have already say hello many times to ask google.
In fact I've heard stories from my sister who went to one of the well-known private IT university in Malang, that professors do not want to be called a lecturer there, they call the "Lecturer" in the real world is GOOGLE. Means he is well aware that everything can be searched in goofle, and he also admitted defeat with google.

Web which only consists of 6 characters and her real address is very helpful for the lives of people in the world starting from the mid-19th century, before they were old school people may have difficulty obtaining information quickly, accurately, and accurate. Somehow at that point I still do not understand. Therefore, we should be thankful no one can make a very smart search engine.

There are many advantages we are looking for information on google, including:

  1. Google immediately provide the best information based on votes / its rating, intensity information is read, and ease of understanding of what is written there, including the language used can directly translate by google.
  2. Google database is very widespread throughout the world. we can seek information from around the country on this planet.
  3. Google can automatically justify wrong keywords typed by the user. Useful for beginner.
  4. Top rank result based not only the SEO techniques but the existence of information in it.
  5. (NEW) Google Panda has ability to filter the original - high quality article.
  6. You can also add your comment below to increase the advantages looking for information on google. :D

So from now on we have to understand how valuable search engine for our lives. Whether we should be grateful to anyone, to be honest so far I do not know who the inventor of google.

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