Keeping Data Safe on the Internet

Keeping Data Safe on the Internet - An owner of a small shed blood, sweat, tears perhaps even to build their businesses. For some, they've had dreams of $ 20is comes with sacrifice. However, how many ever stop and think about the fact that more terrible than business ownership?
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Of a number of studies, only a few employers who understand how an attack could easily destroy the security of the business they built. More recently, the FBI issued a warning for the SMEs about online fraud that has stolen banking details and used to send U.S. $ 11 million from small and medium enterprises the United States to a number of companies in China.

"The threat is very real and ignored can cause destruction of your business. So, how do you protect yourself? "Said Darric Hor, General Manager, Indonesia & Philippines in Jakarta, 26 September 2011. Here are some tips to consider in order to maintain data security.

Use common sense
Remove attachment dubious-especially if he is sent from unknown sources. For example, do not download the lucrative animation of the site seems very unprofessional. And do not click on links in messages that seem strange or unusual, although he was sent by 'friends'. Methods commonly used by attackers were disguised as a friend and send messages with infected files to other users with malware.

Smart when downloading
Internet Security Threat Report shows that the number of daily web-based attacks in 2010 were 93 percent higher than in 2009. This confirms the need to avoid downloading files which can not be sure you are safe, including freeware, screensavers, games and other executable program - any files with the extension *. Exe or *. Com like 'coolgame.exe'. If you need to download from the Internet, be sure to scan each program before running it. Save all downloaded into one folder, then run a virus / malware on anything in that folder before using it.

Be careful with email attachments and links
April 2011 MessageLabs Intelligence Report indicates that 1 in 168 emails contained malware. Check all incoming email attachments for malware, although the employees recognize and trust the sender. Attackers are increasingly often applied method is directed where they researched the victim is important in every company and use of social engineering based attacks that have been adapted to achieve access to the victim's network. The malicious code can then be entered into the system with the present as if from an unknown source.

In addition, make sure the email program does not automatically download attachments. Please refer to the security options or preferences menu belongs to your email program for further instructions.

Use a reliable security solution
Current security solutions - whether present as a software or through a centralized service - could do more than just preventing viruses. They scan the file on a regular basis to see unusual changes in file size, which according to the program's database software is malware, suspicious email attachments, and other warning signs. This is an important step that can be done by small businesses to keep the computer clean of malware.

Keep up to date
A security solution is only as good as how often it is updated. Viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other new malware born every day, and their variations may be missed by the software is not updated. A good solution is to do this directly, but if you want to reduce the burden entirely, you could also use a centralized service, which will automatically update transparently through an Internet connection to help keep the system's employees kept up to date and consistent with policy companies, both when they are in office or in the field.

Make sure you educate employees on these points and implement policies that ensure that your company follows the guidelines above. May require investment of time and money in the beginning, but preventive measures will save more time and money in the future. Do not let your company faces the risk of becoming victims of malware attacks.

By using a 5 point on top, then you are safer in the use of data on the internet.

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