How to move S.E.T. to Github?

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) and the Artillery open source projects have officially been moved to github. Github provides a much faster platform to getting releases up and a more efficient method for obtaining new releases to SET.

All you need to do to go from the current version to git is do an svn update in the set directory and run the automatic installer. SET updates once pulled through github will now be pulled from the github repositories versus svn. The subversion repos will remain active for a couple months.

How to Move S.E.T. to Github ?

1. Manual

2. Automatic

How to Manual install S.E.T.?

Extra package which is necessary to use SET effectively are as follow.

(1)Metasploit:- You can see my old post about how to install metasploit in ubuntu here.

(2)Ettercap:- If you are on any network & want to attack on network like Man in the Middele Attack or DNS poisoning then you require it.

To install Ettercap open terminal in type following command:-

sudo apt-get install ettercap

(3)Openjdk-6-It`s necessary program to use SET. Just type following command in terminal

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk
git clone
cd social-engineer-toolkit

Whenever you need updates, just run the update tool or type git pull. In addition to the new release to git, the installer has been updated to support OSX installations. This update puts SET at version 4.3.4.

How to install Automatic S.E.T.?

In this method we assume that you have already install SET , & which use svn , but new version moved to github.

cd /pentest/exploits/set
svn update

[-] New file generated on: 2013-01-04 10:54:25.898164
[-] Verifying configuration update...
[*] Update verified, config timestamp is: 2013-01-04 10:54:25.898164
[*] SET is using the new config, no need to restart[!] The Social-Engineer Toolkit has officially moved to github and no longer uses SVN.
[!] Ensure that you have GIT installed and this conversion tool will automatically pull the latest git version for you.
[!] Do you want to do a manual install or have SET do the conversion to GIT for you?

1. Automatic
2. Manual
3. Continue using SET (NO UPDATES ANYMORE!)

Enter your numeric choice: 1
[*] BEFORE YOU START! Ensure you have GIT installed (apt-get install git)
Have you installed GIT? y/n: y
[*] Great! Here we go... Removing old svn repository and moving to new
[*] SET directory has been removed. Now checking out SET from GIT..
[*] This could take a few moments..
Cloning into /opt/set...
remote: Counting objects: 403, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (323/323), done.
remote: Total 403 (delta 81), reused 392 (delta 70)
Receiving objects: 100% (403/403), 35.81 MiB | 1.45 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (81/81), done.
[*] You should now have the latest from git. To update, run set-update or type git pull
[*] Exit SET and restart. Move out of the current directory and go into the set directory.
[*] You should never have to go through this process again!

====How to Update====

(You may choose either ./set-update or git pull as advise above.)

root@LM:/opt/set# ./set-update
[-] Updating the Social-Engineer Toolkit, be patient...
Already up-to-date.

[*] The updating has finished, returning to main menu..
root@LM:/opt/set# git pull
Already up-to-date.

==== STEP 2====

#If you came across this error message :

root@LM:/opt/set# ./set
[!] Metasploit path not found. These payloads will be disabled.
[!] Please configure in the config/set_config.Just Press

#Then it will pop-up Terms of service

Do you agree to the terms of service [y/n]: y

#It will go to the SET Menu and choose "99" to exit SET


#Edit config/set_config ( Use nano or vim are up to you )

root@LM:/opt/set# nano config/set_config

#In config/set_config Editor.Please edit base on your Metasploit directory:-

### Define the path to MetaSploit, for example: /pentest/exploits/framework3
METASPLOIT_PATH=/opt/metasploit-4.4.0/msf3/#Save and Exit the Editor.Kindly update your Metasploit by choosing no 4 in SET Menu.

4) Update the Metasploit Framework

set> 4

#Once update you may run SET as normal

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