Lithuanian Online Game Site Miestukarai Hacked, 24,000 Users Data Leaked

A hacker called AnonVoldemort claims to have gained access to the databases of, a Lithuanian online game that appears to have almost 35,000 players.

In the tweet announcing the hack, AnonVoldemort revealed that he had leaked over 24,000 accounts, both free and premium.

The data has been removed since from Pastebin. It’s possible that the site’s administrators have learned of the leak and have requested Pastebin to remove the information.

However, according to CWN – who had analyzed the leak before it was removed –, usernames, email addresses, IP addresses and hashed passwords were published by the hacker.

If there are any Miestukarai players reading this, I advise them to immediately change their passwords. Not only the ones protecting their game accounts, but all the passwords that are the same with the one leaked by the hacker.

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