Completely Hack Facebook News Feed Appearance

Are you the type that's not scared of trying out new stuffs? Do you think Facebook design is becoming too boring and not challenging the likes of Google Plus or Pinterest? Roll up your sleeves. Wonderful designers at Thinktek Studio just rolled out a new extension that alters some significant part of facebook. It's tagged NewGenBook 'Facebook the way it should've been'.

Once you have the extension installed and visit Facebook, you'll notice a considerable amount of change in the newsfeed. The top right menu where you have access to logout, change privacy settings and advertise have been moved to the left hand side close to the logo but the layout still maintains the same 3 column.

This extension is available for all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera) except Internet Explorer and plan to release Iphone version is on the way, according to the developer.

You must note that this extension adds nothing to Facebook's functionality. It only re-arranges certain items and changed the overall look, the chat box design was also altered. The only part of the site that remains untouched so far is the fan page and timeline i.e. profile.

NB: If you noticed any discomfort after installing this extension while browsing you can remove and restore previous experience.

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