LulzSec Hacker Sabu’s Sentencing Postponed

The sentencing of Hector Xavier Monsegur – better known as Sabu, the leader of the infamous LulzSec hacker collective – has been postponed once again without any explanation.

According to The Guardian, Monsegur was scheduled to appear at a Manhattan federal court on Friday where he should have been sentenced for 10 counts of hacking, one count of identity theft and one count of bank fraud.

This is not the first time when the hacker’s sentencing is postponed. Back in August, 2012, authorities requested a six-month adjournment because Sabu was still cooperating with the government.

Cooperation with the government is what made Monsegur become the symbol of treason among hacktivists. In March 2012, the alleged members of the LulzSec group were arrested after being ratted out by Sabu.

He was first arrested in June 2011, but the FBI released him in exchange for his assistance in apprehending other hackers.

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