Top 5 Server and Admin Applications for Android and iPhone in 2020

Top 5 Server and Admin Applications for Android and iPhone in 2020

No matter what is the nature of your work, whether you are a webmaster, server administrator or an IT professional, the ability is to deal with your admin tasks and the server is your utmost priority. In this article, we are going to discuss the top five server and admin applications that is suitable to your iPhone, and Android mobile gadgets.

1. AndFTP

For those who are not yet familiar about AndFTP it serves as an SCP, FTP, and SFTP and FTPS client. Moreover, AndFTP let the user to handle number of FTP configurations; as well it provides features like download and upload and sharing management. As well AndFTP allows the user to delete, rename, open, or update permissions, and also to run custom commands.

2. ConnectBot

ConnectBot act as a Secure Shell client intended for Android users, as well it creates secure connection through using a shell even the gadget is in the remote distance to transmit files and data back and forth to your phone. Furthermore, ConnectBot let the user to handle numbers of SSH sessions, as well allow them to copy and paste between other applications, and to build protected tunnels.

Jack Wallen an award winning writer of stated that ConnectBot is a must have app, in fact he recommend this app to the Linux admin who are using Android phone.

3. ServerMonitor

ServerMonitor is an app intended for iPhone users, it uses SSH protocol to link machines remotely to assists with your workstation and server monitoring requirements. The multi-protocol supports include the following: FTP, SMTP, HTTP, IMAP, MySQL, HTTPS, DNS, POP3, Ping and SSH.
Although there is no much review regarding this app but the general response seems to be optimistic. Based on the feedback from the users one thing they want to be added in this app on the next update is the ability to view all list of running processes and to view how much memory they occupy.

4. iSSH – SSH / VNC Console

The iSSH – SSH / VNC Console for iPhone is an SSH and Telnet emulator that is fully featured with ANSI, VT102, VT100, and VT220 incorporated with tunneled X server, RDP client and VNC client. As well this app has the ability to carry simultaneous connections with total terminal compatibility, intuitive user interface, and configurable macro and key options.

5. Network Utility

Network Utility let the user to check the status of their server or websites through their Apple device or iPhone anywhere. Network Utility is fully featured with TCP/IP Port Scan, ping (ICMP Echo), IP address information, Whois Query, GeoIP Lookup, and more.

For me this another iPhone app that seems to be gathering mixed reviews. Some user approved its efficiency and its user friendliness, but other user rising complaint that this app causes their device to freeze up that can only be fixed through restarting the device. Users as well object about the absence of subnet scans. The decision is still out on this app. But the best thing we need to do is to try this and experience how it holds up.

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