Open source Information Gathering tool-Maltgo

Maltego is an open source intelligence and forensics application. It allows you to mine and gather information, and represent the information in a meaningful way. The word "open source" in Maltego means that it gathers information from the open source resources; it does not mean that Maltego is open source software.

Maltego allows you to enumerate Internet infrastructure information, such as: 
Domain names
DNS names
Whois information
Network blocks
IP addresses

It can also be used to gather information about people, such as: 
Companies and organizations related to the person
E-mail address related to the person
Websites related to the person
Social networks related to the person
Phone numbers related to the person 
There are more than 70 transforms available in Maltego. The word "transform" refers to the information gathering phase done by Maltego. 

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