Extract skype & firefox data after exploitation.

Today we will see how can we extract skype username ; contacts details ;conversation;file transfer & also firefox history;cookies;google search from victim computer.

First of all it`s post  exploitation, So i don`t go deep in How to hack remote P.C.. if you want to learn than click here & read metasploit section of blog.So you have to hack remote computer using metasploit.

 I create simple payload ; encoded it so antivirus can not detect it.

And then send link to victim , as soon as he download payload and execute it we get meterpreter shell.


After getting shell we have to get admin access of victim computer ;so by running getsystem command we can get admin access of shell.

Now skype , firefox ,chrome stores their database in sql format ; so we have to download their database to our system.According to O.S. location of database is differ.We first download skype database its name is main.db.

In windows C:\\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Skype\skype_user_name
In mac Users/user_name/Library//Application/Support/Skype/skype_user_name
In Linux /root/.Skype/skype_user_name


So we download database & saved to root folder.

Now we download firefox database folder which contain  cookies ;history ;search history ;download history.In below image you can show directory of database for firefox.
extract-firefox data
 After getting database clear event ; close sessions if you don`t want any other post exploitation.

Now we have database we have to extract data from it ; so if you know sqllite you can extract data manually but it`s very hard working process to extract data one by one.so we create script which extract data from database.

Extract Data from skype database:-

Here is simple script to extract data from skype.Visit following link for downloading script.


Extract Data from firefox:-
Here is simple script to extract data from firefox.Visit following link for downloading script.
You can also create script for  download database from chrome . Or if you need it then comment here ; i will send you.

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