Linkedin's New Galene Architecture for faster & Relevant search

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Linkedin one of the leading side where people use for job search, Recruitment, People Search Customer service applications and many more. For this reason Linkedin site member increasing day by day. Its current member over 300 million. And Linkedin think they should bring improvement for better service towards huge members. Linkedin first time improve their search engine Luecenewhich is also known as Pre-Galene. This is an open source library that supports search index, matching entities, and determining the importance of these entities through relevance scores. 

Recently Linkedin announced about their new search architecture known as Galene. This Architecture can deliver twice as fast. But Linkedin retain Luecene as the indexing layer. Due to revolutionary improvement a user can access to any LinkedIn members. This facility was limited formerly.

Another important thing is relevancy. Linkedin search Architecture is now shows more relevant search result. On the other hand it is faster than previous implementation.

According to Linkedin...Galene has helped them to improve their development culture and forced then to incorporate new development processes.

Galene diagram

You can see the Linkedin search diagram from Graphical representation that how Galene actually works

Linkedin's search

You can see the above image that I have written my name on Linkedin search box and instantly the new search architecture showing result with People, Jobs, Companies, Showcase pages etc. This means you will now able to get more relevant and fast search result from Linkedin.

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