How to Add Multimedia to WordPress Posts?


While creating post in WordPress then we often add some multimedia files like photos, videos and music. Because adding multimedia to posts make it more appealing and it also makes more apparent towards reader for easy understanding. However for newbie it is bit hard to add multimedia to WordPress posts. So in this tutorial we will learn how to add photos, videos and music to your WordPress posts.

How to Add Image to WordPress Posts?

Image is necessary for making a posts. So to add an image file in WordPress post just follow the below steps.

Step 1 Sign in to your WordPress account and from Dashboard create a new Post or edit an old Post

Step 2 Click on Add Media button and select image.

Step 3 Now WordPress Insert Media pop-up will appear. So click on the Select files button in the middle of the screen.

select files

Step 4 Now pick your any Image file to use for WordPress post

Remember that maximum file size should be 5MB. So try to select any multimedia file which is less than 5 MB.

Step 5 WordPress will automatically refresh the page and upload the Multimedia files.

insert media

Step 6 Now add the Image file’s information such as Title, Caption and Descriptionon right side of screen.

Step 7 And finally hit the Insert into post button from bottom right of the screen.

How to Add Music and Video Files to WordPress Posts?

You can also add Music file easily into a WordPress post. Just follow the Steps 1 to Step 4 from above and after that follow the below guideline-

Step 5 Now add the Music or Video file’s information such as Title, Caption and Description on right side of screen.


Step 6 Under ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS select any option. 

  • If you would like to play the music or Video file into the post then select Embed Media Player
  • If you want to keep it as link then select Link to Media File
  • However to keep the Music file as attachment select third option Link to Attachment Page.

Step 7 Finally hit the Insert into post button.

Now after composing your content Publish it and check your post to see the Multimedia.

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