Android Tips and Tricks - How to connect the Samsung Galaxy Note to PC or Laptop

It's so easy to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note to your PC using a USB cable if you want to browse your data files that has been stored on your phone's microSD card, synchronize your contacts or accounts using Samsung Kies, transferring files such as photos, videos, ringtones etc. To do this you may need to have a kies installed on your PC so that the desired USB driver for your Galaxy Note will be installed as well. You can download Kies program from samsung website.

Here's how to connect the Galaxy Note to PC and access the memory card. (a removable disk file directory will appear on your PC, separate from internal memory of your phone.

- From idle mode, select Application list.
- Then tap on Settings
- Tap Wireless and Network
- Select USB Utilities
- then select Connect Mass Storage to PC.
Then connect your Galaxy Note to PC with the USB cable or multifunction jack
When connected Touch USB connected or Turn on USB storage

- A USB icon will appear in the top left Notifications area of the screen.

- On the PC, go to My Computer then locate the newly file drive directory that appears as your Galaxy Note mass storage. You can now have the access to browse, sync, copy or transfer files that you want from your Galaxy Note microSD card to your PC or laptop.

Do share and comment below if you have any kind of problem.

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