Computer Tips and Tricks - How to cut Video Clips and capture Images in VLC media Player

VLC media player is the favorite of everyone .Almost everybody love this media player it is completely free to download and it has better sound performance and alot of facilities.VLC Media player supports video and audios in many file formats and one best VLC media player tips and tricks is that, you can easily cut video clips and capture Images while watching or streaming videos with VLC Media player.In this guide, I would walk you through the process on how to cut video clips and take images using VLC Media player.

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1.       Firstly, use your VLC Media player to play the video you wish to cut.

2.       After that, right-click and select advance control, as seen in the image below.


3.       Now, the advance control navigation will be out. You can now perform your action. Just as seen in the image below, you’ve an option to record, take snapshots and others.

      Simply utilize the option and cut some part of the clip you want to, and also take as many  snapshots you want to.

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