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Blog is derived from the word Web Log, which essentially meant systematic information published on the World Wide Web. Functioning as a forum, brand advertising platforms or even personal diaries, Blogs are the shining light to which hoards of metaphorical human fireflies swarm around. Blogging is proving to be a lucrative career option, with some of the highest earning blogs around the world raking in about $800,000 per month.

                                               Blogger offers one of the cheapest entry routes in the world of website domain. Using a blogging platform for website-building may seem unusual, but it has its perks and benefits. Since Blogger is a Google product, every other Google service can be integrated with it. Google Wallet, Google Analytics, AdSense, Picasa, multiple author support amongst others is bundled with Blogger. The ease of updating content in Blogger, coupled with modifications in 2010 allowing multiple pages with navigation on the website has been tremendous in improving the platforms popularity. Availability of over 50 languages on Blogger, features to customise themes and fonts without in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS and one of the most efficient spam filters (Google, after all) makes it a fore-runner in the blogging world.

                          How To Built A Website

  • Register

    Register yourself at using your Google ID.
  • Use a Blog Title 

    Make sure that is is catchy, relevant and unique. Common tags and keywords get lost in vast torrents of web data. The address of the blog will end in ‘’, indicating the integrated host of the blog and its availability will be checked by the bar.
  • Templates 

    They can be used to various effects. Although a ‘newbie’ is recommended to stick to simple and minimalistic templates this can be tweaked and changed at a latter stage.
  • Gadgets

    Gadgets powered by Google are one of the prominent features of Blogger. Data Analytics, Real-time statistics are some of the numerous devices on display. Select a gadget conducive to the webpage but it is advisable to keep the gadget count to a minimum.


  • Dashboard 

    The dashboard is where you control your blogs, publish, draft or delete pages. Essentially the control panel of your blog, this is the Bloggers homepage.

                        Watch the given video for more 

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