How To Stop Smoking In One Week

Stop smoking for cigarette addicts sometimes is a totally impossible. The reason, many smokers say that smoking is a habit even is a requirement. Like people eat rice, smoking was also the same as eating rice is eaten daily. Even worse is when someone who has become addicted to cigarettes until the person is saying that if given the choice between eating rice or cigarettes, the people prefer cigarettes than rice. This means that smoking is entrenched and embedded into opium inside a person's body.

Many smokers are pessimistic that he never managed to quit smoking even though there is a quick way to quit smoking. Therefore, the mindset of someone who says that it is difficult to stop smoking need to be eliminated immediately. How do I and tips for those of you who have been very anxious to stop your smoking habits during this time?

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1. The first day: Round Your Intentions
On the first day you need to be determined and your intentions. For what purpose you quit smoking? For who? For yourself, your family and the people who love you. Start your intention and determination to pray to God almighty pembolak through the heart. On the first day you have to find a strong reason why quitting smoking. Some reasons include:

  • For your health! never mind do not need a lot of evidence and debate. There are thousands of the fact that the cigarettes will soon kill you. The sooner you quit smoking and live healthier lives, the faster your body organs are damaged by cigarettes will gradually recover
  • Save your money. Round your determination that there is no point in buying costly just to smoke. If you just want to smoke, burn any paper or goods in your home and then suck out the smoke, the same is not it? not the same donk, cigarette tobacco khan fragrant and delicious ?! Ah that's the reason you are alone, try to remember the first time you smoke! coughing instead? bitter? well what's the difference with inhaled smoke that burned earlier paper, anyway over time is also good. The perception that smoking is enjoyable because we do continuously and becomes a habit. So, it is better use of your money for things that are useful.
  • You can see the people around you, mother, daughter, wife or your girlfriend. Do you not compassion if every day you have to inhale cigarette smoke? read the facts that passive smokers are much heavier risks. Ah khan of smoking rather far distance from them, so it is safe. Hellooo ... never heard the child died of pneumonia? yup the disease emerged because of toxins in cigarette smoke on clothing father, but never once smoke near children.

2. Day two: Change Your Mindset
This mindset needs to be changed. Many say that quitting smoking is difficult. Try to imagine when you eat rice. Suddenly the rice fallout lizard droppings from the roof of your home. What would you do? Eating dung ?? Iih impossible. Obviously you will immediately and spontaneously stop eating you and even you will stop eating immediately. And maybe before your very hungry but because there is dirt lizard, your stomach instantly even so satiety and appetite for food. This is the mindset. Keep in mind that you must be able to stop smoking. See the people around you that they have never smoked. Do they die if you do not smoke? The answer is no. So, implanted immediately into your mind that you can quit smoking. Look for information about the dangers of smoking. That smoking can cause asthma, lung cancer and other negative effects that would harm your body.

3. Day three: Embed Shyness
Embed shame on yourself. The trick is when you will smoke look for a quiet place that no one who sees you smoking. If there are others who passed in front of you immediately hide and turn off your cigarette. Repeat this every time to meet people. Each time you smoke you may only do so in a quiet place and nobody. If there are people who pass through or see you, immediately turn off the cigarettes and hide. Eventually you will get used and you will be embarrassed that in the end you will leave your cigarette wherever you are.

4. Fourth day: Stay away from Friends Who Smoke
Friends are external influences. Like the saying says if an artisan blacksmith friends with him will get the scent of iron in the body but if a seller friends with perfume, he will get a fragrant aroma as well. That's how the saying goes. The fourth day began to turn away from your friends who like to smoke. Limit your relationship with them. Start looking for good friends who do not smoke.

5. The fifth day: Discard All Cigarettes
In this fifth day you have to throw away all your cigarettes. You are forced not to smoke again. Stress ?? Can be. But remember your determination and intention. What are you smoking? That is for your religion, for yourself and for your family and the people you love. If you are sick because of smoking of course you and your family will be equally difficult. Imagine if you are exposed to lung cancer as a result of too much smoke. Who difficulty and suffering? You and your own family.

6. The sixth day: Suck candy
Probably in the fifth day you have the name of stress because they have not gotten used to not smoking. The fix is to suck sweets. Some people who have successfully quit smoking do it this way and proved successful. Sucking candy as a shape-shifting your mind to the cigarette itself.

7. The seventh day: MAINTAIN!
Keep your business from the first day until the sixth day. Plenty pray and ask for the support of those closest to you, especially family, wife, children that you really will quit smoking forever. Surely they will also be happy to see a change either in yourself. Take a look at in the next few days, the healthier your body, the more your mind fresh and your productivity will increase sharply.

Those are some ways to stop smoking within a week. Do it tips over. Act quickly and do not delay, before it is too late. People around you are looking forward to a big change in yourself, okay so tips to quit smoking, try to start now.

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