Tips to Take Care Your Lovely Gadget

Every day it seems we can never be separated from the name of the gadget. Although each type of gadget has certain specific functions, many people prefer gadgets as facilities supporting integrated Internet network.

The proof, according to data from a survey conducted Scholastic Magazine and IPSOS (2013) of 3,000 women readers, 83% of respondents admitted to accessing the Internet using a mobile phone (smartphone), 49% use netbook (laptop), 10% PC, and 5% of the tablet. Activity in the internet itself vary. From downloading until shopping.

So, it seems we can not live without gadgets? Therefore we need to know how to care for the gadget properly. So that our gadgets are not easily damaged and continue to function optimally.

taking care gadgets

For Mobile Phones and Smartphones

  • Keep away from television, radio and objects containing magnetic field.
  • Use a screen protector (plastic anti-scratch) on the screen of our mobile phones and smartphones.
  • Do not use a nail to wipe the screen because it can make the screen scratched.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as this may damage the quality of the LCD.
  • Put phones in a not too narrow places, as a jeans pocket. If it is too long receiving pressure (even in the locked state), the screen or a button can be easily damaged.
  • Do not press the screen or the buttons too hard.
  • Do not charge the battery of the percentage content of 70% and above. Better filling of 20% and should reach full charge. And battery charge no more than five hours.
  • Do not use the smartphone when the battery is charged

For Netbook and Laptop

  • Clean the screen and laptop or netbook us with a special cleaning liquid spray. Swabbed with clean paper towels. Do not touch the laptop screen directly because it can damage the LCD.
  • Using a keyboard protector to protect it from dust, water, and others.
  • Install a screen protector on the screen notebook and laptop.
  • If the wear is too long, use a notebook or laptop fan (usually placed below), so that the engine is not overheating.
  • Charge it up first (usually four hours if the battery is empty). Do not use a notebook or laptop while charging the batteries to prevent battery drop.
  • Install antivirus and scan regularly.
  • Remove the laptop battery if we want to wear it for a long time. Directly connecting the battery to the laptop without electricity prevent the battery quickly broken.
  • Uninstall or remove programs that are not useful on a laptop or netbook in order not to burden our hard drives.

Personal Computer (PC)

  • Use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), which uses an electric power source in case of sudden death at home. By doing so, Power Supply, hard drive and motherboard PC is not quickly broken.
  • Use stavolt (stabilizer up and down the power supply voltage). Some UPS is already equipped stavolt. But, for a UPS that does not have stavolt, use separate stavolt. So even if the power supply voltage up and down, hard drive and motherboard of our PC remains safe.
  • Clean up routine of dust. Dust can deliver heat. If dust from entering the components of CPU, memory, or RAM your PC may crash or hang jamming.
  • Avoid contact with water. If the PC keyboard hit the water, might short-circuit! Although already cleaned and dried, sometimes still can not be lit again.
  • Pay attention to voltage. Indonesian PC product usually requires 220 volts, 110 volts for Japanese PCs. Hence, we need to set the voltage adapter to the PC. If excessive power voltage, might be a short-circuit or on fire.
  • Update antivirus regularly. And additional utilities program to remove remaining registry and junk from the Internet (cookies).

For Tablets

  • Clean the screen periodically using a tissue and special cleaning fluid for LCD lens. After cleaning, the LCD was given a protective coating in particular.
  • Charge tablet we so find low-battery warning. Try not to charge the tablet is turned off completely.
  • When charging the battery, do not use the tablet. If possible, turn off the tablet when we charge the battery and unplug the charger once the battery is soon full.
  • Use a screen guard that durable screen.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or placed in a humid and high temperature.
  • Filter applications that will be installed. No need to install applications that are less useful or rarely used, let the memory of the tablet remain intact and do not make tablets work too hard.
  • Reduce the number of widgets and icons on the main screen.
  • Use a special casing for tablets pet.
  • Avoid touching the screen with too loud and rude.

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