I  would like to share with you my day trading experience with MONERO (XMR). After the profit i made from syscoin yesterday, i decided to day trade with Monero.

Day trading is another strategy you can adopt if you want to make profit on a short term. There are some factors to consider before day trading though. A key is to identify a good entry point and a good closing point.

Anyways, i started my trade at 0.00201446 sats and i started monitoring the market at different intervals. When you day trade, the intervals at which you monitor the market is very very key to the amount of profit you can make.

A 1,2,4 and 6Hrs interval is good for a 24hr trade. It should be noted that many intervals could however bring a better result.

Below is the detailled analysis of my day trading with Monero.

The first image shows my average buying price , the amount of bitcoin i used in buying and other information. look at it well and take note of the date and time i bought the coins.

The second image shows my average buying price and my average selling price as well as the profit i made.

So in summarry I used 2.69 bitcoins to purchase monero at an average buying price of 0.00197429 and sold at an average selling price of 0.00209476 which resulted in a profit of 0.164 bitcoins($72 approx N21,000) within 24 hrs.

Day trading is a very good way of making profit everyday. However, this is a function of your ability to identify a good entry point and exit point. And most importantly make sure you know what you are doing.


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