YOcoin Global Compensation Plan


We have created a simple way to earn commissions and team bonuses by sharing the YOcoin products. This plan is built to reward those that choose to refer at least two Preferred Customers who make a YOcoin product purchase.

Step 1The first step in becoming a successful YOcoin Community Affiliate (YCA) is to purchase a Preferred Customer YOcoin product package. The second step is to enroll two Preferred Customers that purchase a YOcoin product package. 

 Two Team Commissions

YCA’s that build teams of other YCA’s that refer YOcoin Product Package (YPP) sales will earn commissions and bonuses. There are several rewards that are given to successful YCA’s.
There are no personal product purchase requirements to earn a two team (binary) commission.
* YCA commission redemption distributions start once an account has a $20 balance.
Two Team CommissionsA YCA who has accumulated the following YOcoin personal purchase and referred preferred customer sales volume is qualified for the following Two Team (binary) Weekly (maximum) Compensation caps:
  • $50 – product purchase = $500 weekly binary income cap
  • $100- product purchases and sales volume = $1,000 weekly binary income cap
*Commission and bonus weekly cap requirements are listed in US Dollars ($).
  • $500- product purchases and sales volume = $5,000 weekly
    binary income cap.
    $1,000- product purchases and sales volume = $8,000 weekly
    binary income caps.
Paid Weekly*A YCA who elects to purchase a product package of $500 or more must agree to a Product Purchase Statement of Understanding that includes an affordability and income disclosure acknowledgment. This statement applies in the USA, Canada and many parts of Europe.

Personal and Group YOcoin Sales Volume

  • $2,000- product purchases and sales volume = $12,000 weekly binary income caps.
  • $5,000 – group product sales volume = $20,000 weekly binary income caps.
  • $10,000- group product sales volume = $35,000 weekly binary income caps.

Unlimited Depth and Daily Tracking

Unlimited Depth and Daily Tracking
The advantage of the two team/binary structure is its unlimited depth sales volume tracking. Each YPP sale generated from your left or right team (no matter the depth) is credited to your total binary sales volume.
The two team structure creates excitement and leverage by helping multiple team members benefit from each YPP sale. You can track your binary sales daily through your online YCA office.

 Building a Left and Right Sales Team

The binary commissions portion of the YOcoin YCP is based on two teams YPP’s referred to as “legs”. Each YPP sale a YCA refers will be placed on either their left or right team along with the sales that may be generated through the referrals of the YCA’s existing team members and the team members above the YCA (this is called spillover sales volume).
As the two teams begin to grow the YCA’s binary income will grow based on the total YPP sales generated by ALL the YCA‘s on their left and right teams (including spillover from their up- line team).

Take the first step now, and join YOcoin!

Cycle Commissions and Income DisclaimerCycle Commissions and Income Disclaimer

The binary structure will pay a sales cycle commission of 10% of YPP sales volume from the team that has the lesser sales volume amount.
All references to income, implied or stated, through this document and the YOcoin Global Compensation Plan are for illustration purposes only. YOcoin does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any YCA. Earnings from the YOcoin Global Compensation Plan solely depends on sales of YOcoin products and does not depend on the current or future price of the YOcoin cryptocurrency or any currency exchanges success.

Example of Two Team Commissions

The right team could have generated $5,000 in YPP sales volume and the left team generated $8,000 in YPP sales volume; YCA would be paid 10% of the right team sales volume or $500. The YPP sales volume not generating a commission from the left side is banked and stored for future binary commissions. The binary commission pays out a maximum sales cycle commission (cap) based on the team sales volume levels obtained.
70% of commissions and bonuses are deposited into the YCA’s virtual wallet and 30% is deposited into the YCA’s YOcoin trading account.

Team Building Match Pay Bonuses

Match pay bonuses are often the largest portion of a sales team builders commissions. The match pay override bonuses can be paid levels of YCA’s in depth. The match pay bonus is generated on YCA’s and the YCA’s on their referred sales teams that have assisted them in qualifying for the match pay bonus levels.
Once a preferred customer has qualified for the YCA status they are immediately rewarded with a 10% Binary Compensation Match Pay on all binary income paid to each YCA that they have personally referred- no income cap.

No Limits For Match Pay Income

No Limits For Match Pay Income

There are no limits to the number of Preferred Customers a YCA may refer, so there are no limits to the number of YCA’s they can earn a first level 10% match pay bonus on.


Team Building Commission And Match Pay Bonuses

YO Club members are YCA’S who:
  • Generate $10,000 in personal group monthly sales volume in each team/leg.
  • Have enrolled a minimum of two new Preferred Customers with a $1,000 or more in sales volume (monthly qualifications).

YO Club benefits:

  • 1% of YOcoin Network (YOC) sales during 2016 and the first quarter of 2017. Divided each month by qualified and active YO Club Members.

YOcoin Rewards with Match Pay

A YO Club Member (YCM) will receive an additional Match Bonus of 10% on all Two Team/Binary compensation in personal referred team/group tree until another personal group YCA qualifies for the YCM Rank. This 10% Match Bonus is paid exclusively in YOcoins and could be multiple team members (YCA’s) in depth.

Permanent Match Pay Bonus

YOcoin Rewards with Match PayA permanent 10% 2nd level and 15% 3rd level Binary Match Pay Bonus on a YCA’s personal team/group (sponsorship tree) will be paid if a YCA has qualified for the YO club for three consecutive months.
This bonus could be earned on hundreds of YCA team building commission incomes with no caps!

Important YOcoin Account Notices

* There is a 10% Admin charge on all virtual wallet account transfers.
** A Preferred Customer or YCA can begin to redeem or distribute their YOcoin crypto currency account one month after each purchase or commission/bonus (30%) is credited. Each purchase or commission/bonus YOcoin amount will be redeemed/dispersed to the Preferred Customer or YCA’s virtual wallet account at a 5% per week redemption rate or option.

Select YOcoin Exchanges

The redemption option will be activated through a select list of YOcoin approved exchanges listed in the YCA’s online office every week after the initial month’s (4 week) waiting period. 100% of the YOcoin crypto currency account is available after a voluntary 24 week holding option.

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