The world of UBW Coin

The mission of UBW is to create a digital currency. This currency will be backed by a real value thus avoiding the usual volatility of other virtual currencies or crypto coins. UBW intend to be approved by governments Worldwide and to adhere to all current and future regulatory requirements.
Our Vision is to be among the top 10 used currencies in the world and to be positioned just behind these major currencies including the USD and to make it the preferred currency for all businesses and especially in countries where the local currency is very volatile and inflation is high.
We will target the African continent through our contacts at the highest governmental level in multiple African Countries. We will also create a global currency cooperation between countries as has been done with the EURO.
Digital Currencies

·         Of the 400 or so digital currencies in existence, Bitcoin is the best known and most mainstream and in excess of 100,000 businesses worldwide now accept Bitcoin.
·         Advocates of virtual currencies say that they reduce transaction fees and create a level playing field for people who do not have access to normal bank accounts. “Anybody who has a connected device, anybody who has a mobile phone, has a bank in their pocket,” says Barry Silbert, chief executive officer of Second Market and founder of the Bitcoin Investment Trust. For similar reasons, many people think digital currencies have enormous potential as investments.
·         According to Mark T. Williams, as of 2014, Bitcoin has volatility seven times greater than gold, eight times greater than the S&P 500 and eighteen times greater than the U.S. dollar.[151]
UBW Coins
Adigital currency with a real value and a limited amount of coins to be released.
The UBW Coin will, from January 1st 2017, be a valid currency where you can buy any products and services for sale or rent, see UBW market. It will also, from December 1st 2016, be possible to trade this currency on a closed platform for free between the users of

As with any digital currency we operate a comprehensive security programme and strategy to prevent unauthorized manipulation of the UBW Coin market. Our programmers and developers that have built the UBW Coin platform are banking industry veterans with a strong knowledge of security and encryption. We guarantee that the UBW Coin platform is clean, robust and, most importantly, accurate.
UBW coins cannot be purchased

The only way of getting these coins is as bonuses given by the company for different activities or, alternatively, you can reserve a smaller amount through a specific UBW Coin Options Package. (Read more under packages) There are also several limitations to acquiring UBW coins. This ensures that the market is not flooded causing the price to decrease. It is also prevents a single person or company from holding a large enough amount of coins so as to have an effect on the value of the coin. These limitations are explained under the links packages and bonuses.

The UBW Coin will, from January 1st 2017, be a valid currency where you can buy any products and services for sale or rent, see UBW market. It will also, from December 1st 2016, be possible to trade this currency on a closed platform for free between the users of

It is planned to make the UBW coin available publicly on May 1st 2017.
Value per UBW Coin.
The initial price of UBW coins is set at €1 per coin
To make it as informative and motivating as possible, you will see a live update in the value of the UBW Coin in your account. The UBW Coin will increase by €0,0002 for every new user who registers on This increase in value will change as the number of registered users increases to maintain a realistic coin value. This is to ensure that the value of the coin is the same no matter what package or how many optional packages a user buys; it is only increased once at registration for every new user.
With the agreements the Top Leader and Leaders have, the number of users will increase at a tremendous speed and the value will increase in the same matter, making it possibly the highest valued Virtual Coin within as short period as 6 to 9 months.
From the date when we open for trading of the UBW coin (December 1st 2016), it will be the market that will decide the price. If the offer is higher than the demand, the price will decrease, and if the demand is higher than the offer the price will increase. UBW have a very unique reward system, which includes every registered user who registers before the UBW coin will be available publicly on May 1st 2017. Through this reward system there will always be a huge demand of the coins on top of the demand created through use of the coin for purchase of products and services. Read more about this constant demand under “Ultimate Bonus System” further down in this document.
It will not be necessary to change or trade any coins to buy any products on UBW Market, as it is priced in UBW Coins, so the only reason to sell your coins is if you want to transfer to another currency to your local bank account.
Many governments are already talking about regulating all Virtual Coins and Crypto coins to the same level as normal currencies. With this in place we will see that most Virtual Coins and Crypto coins will disappear.
The UBW Coin is set up from day one to accommodate all these regulations and therefore it will automatically be one of the few remaining coins in the market.
Crypto coins and mining
The UBW Coin is not a Crypto coin and it is not mined. The reason for this is that we are set up to be a regulated bank that fully meets all future financial rules and obligations. It would be the same as mining the USD.
And since the UBW coin will be an open public coin where the governments will be given access to history of transactions if there is any suspicion of illegal activities, off course by providing the right paperwork and needed documentation as needed in any banks world wide. So the only encrypting being done is in the banking software and for the security of the transactions.
About Us
UBW is based in Tallinn, Estonia. It was set up in August 2015 and currently employs 27 staff plus the management. It is well funded and backed by large investors.
We are a team of highly successful and professional businessmen. We take joy in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams in the form of concept development, funding and operations. You can read more about this on

Why Estonia
Our core team are very well known within banking and government circles and have had transactions worth hundreds of millions within our companies over the last 20 years. We know the bank and the directors there, but most importantly, they know us. So we will not have any of the usual start up problems and challenges with banking and legalities.
Estonia is a highly regulated country. It is actually one of the most regulated countries in Europe when it comes to tax reporting which is required on a monthly basis. Estonia has been a member of the European Union and NATO since 2004 and has a very stable economy.
Both Jüri Ploom, our lawyer, and Paal Aschjem our Chairman are based in Tallinn, Jüri Ploom was born and raised in Estonia and Paal Aschjem has lived here since 1992.
The Team

Paal Aschjem – Chairman

Paal is renowned throughout his international network for his role as the founder and longtime Chairman of the Norwegian–Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the Foreign Investors Council in Estonia, International Vice President of Junior Chamber International and the president of JCI Association of Senators in Europe. Besides his business activity he is devoted to charity work. Paal has developed several major companies in Norway and Estonia during the last 20 years and still maintains an illustrious career. He has an education in aviation and technical engineering
Prof. Harald R Pfab – Advisor

Harald was the Executive Vice President of LBBW (Landesbank Germany) from 1985 to 2007. He then became the CEO of Sachsen Bank Germany from 2007 to 2013. At present he is currently CEO HHP Beratung GmbH. Harald’s knowledge is vast and in demand which within this time has led him to be on the supervisory boards of many organisations such as European Energy Exchange AG, ECC European Commodity Clearing AG, Buergschaftsbank Sachsen and Supervisory Chairman of Mittelstaendische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen mbH. He is also the Chairman of the Council at the University of Cooperative Education Saxony and has previously been on the Executive Board of the Industrial Initiative for Central Germany.
Jüri Ploom – Lawyer

Jüri our Lawyer is an expert in commercial law. Having taken his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Tartu, which is in the top 3% in the world, he continued his studies at the University of Stockholm. He is a Senior Partner in his current Law firm where he has been since 1997. In that time, he has specialised in company recovery. Jüri’s expertise and advice is invaluable when it comes driving UBW forward and maintaining a successful future for UBW.

Romildo Da Cunha – Global Marketing Manager

Romildo was the voice for Brazil in the Human Rights Seminar held in the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in the early 90’s. Since then, he has committed to an academic life and soon became a successful young entrepreneur as a school owner for over 20 years, in which period he has personally trained professionals from companies such as Amcor, Coca-Cola, Crown Cork, BASF, Procter & Gamble, Mobil, Avery Danisson, Dow Agro Sciences, to name a few. In 2002, he ventured into Network Marketing where he built and trained teams as big as 35.000 members overall. Ten years later, he was the Vice President of an American-based Travel Company. 

Besides that, he was the General Manager for an e-Learning Company in Brazil and has also directed other two projects for companies specialized in wealth management where he helped build business volume that escalated to a little over . Romildo is internationally known for his leadership, integrity and commitment. He has the spirit of a true leader and is a highly esteemed professional. Through the years, he gathered a wealth of valuable experience in Finance, Law, International Business and Personal Development which turned him into an efficient and sought Business Connector. More recently, Romildo was living in Florida-USA with his family and is now settled back in Brazil.
Robert Fernandez - Advisor

Robert is educated in finance, management, and international tourism and with the junior air wing division of the National Cadet Corps of India. He has held many top positions in companies in India, Middle East, and Africa.

These include General Manager of Octonorm India Ltd, Managing Director of Citygate Consulting Group, Chief Executive Officer in Euphoria Engineering Soluti
ons and Managing Director of Sweden Africa Trade Corp in Africa bringing with him a rich wealth of experience in business development, sales and marketing expanding across markets in India, Europe, Middle East and Africa. With contacts at the highest level in many African countries, Robert will assist with to developing and expanding UBW at the highest level throughout the African continent.

Kerttu Afanasjev - In-house Accountant
Kerttu studied Economics at the Tallinn Economical Institute and is licenced as a certified accountant. She has been working with major companies in Estonia for many years and is highly skilled with a great resume and reputation. 
She is now responsible for the finances of UBW, which includes reporting to the government and all financial transactions in the company.

Markku Pihlajaniemi - Office Manager
Markku is 54 years old, was born in Finland and now lives in Tallinn, Estonia. He has studied Public Administration, Politics and International Law at Tampere University. 
Markku has worked for several years as Development Director with Teleperformance in Finland in charge of implementing and developing sales automisation software and solutions,customer value management and CRM solutions. As well as being CEO of Midas Touch Services OÛ in Finland, he has worked with Midas Touch OÛ as Development Director responsible for setting up customer service solutions and developing and implementing project management applications for all sales and service projects.
Carl Rajalin - Head of Support
Carl is 22 years old and was born in Finland. He moved to Estonia and finished his high school in Tallinn. He is fluent in Finnish, English, Estonian and Swedish. 
He has worked in several positions as sales team leader in the telemarketing sector in both Estonia and Finland. He is now the head of UBW support at the Tallinn Office. He has his degree in Advertising and Publicity from Tallinn University.

Banking license
During October/November 2016 UBW will have its banking license in place giving this currency even more flexibility and under bank regulation.
The banking license is an international banking license giving this currency something no other virtual currencies have at the present time. With all registered users and companies in UBW automatically getting bank accounts for their coins, with the option of payment cards, pay-by-phone apps and Internet banking, this currency is a global currency.
With an exchange license in place it will be possible to convert UBW coins to and from any currency.
The advantage for companies taking payment in UBW Coins is that it is a closed system that is not dependent on transfers from other banks or Visa/MasterCard, which takes days. It is an instant payment and at lower cost than that of other card providers.

Main income for UBW
It is through transactions of UBW Coins that UBW will make its money in the future. By getting 0,5-1% of the total turnover of all UBW Coins when used by millions of people on a daily basis by card or phone payments, it is no doubt that UBW has a bright future.
UBW will put huge efforts into arranging for all businesses, shops and payment points to accept UBW coins through contacting the payment system providers directly instead of contacting each local store/payment point.
Global Marketplace
It is a bold statement to say that you will be able to buy or rent any products and services with this currency by January 1st 2017. But we stand by it. This is achieved through a global online UBW marketplace where companies worldwide can register with us and rent or sell anything they wish through our global trading platform. This way they can place all their products for sale and our users can use their UBW coins to purchase everything offered through the UBW marketplace. To offer products for sale on this site costs only €60 per year. The only cost then is a 1% transaction fee for every purchase made, which the seller can decide either to cover that cost or to add it to the sales price. On this marketplace, as an option, we also have a ‘buy safe’ function where the money can be held until the product or service is delivered.
The number of categories available on the UBW market will continue to grow.
A key factor in achieving a huge number of registered suppliers of products and services on the UBW Market is that, if you register a company on this website and they offer their products or services for sale or rent, you will receive 0.5% of the total turnover of this company made through the UBW Market website (On purchases paid in UBW Coins paid by either the UBW card or UBW bank transfer.)
We strongly believe that everyone knows at least one person who has his or her own company offering some kind of products for sale/rent or services. Imagine if you register a real estate agency, car dealer, boat dealer, grocery store, hotel, restaurant, and so on: You get 0.5% of that businesses turnover (On the UWB Market) per year. It can be an incredible extra income just from registering companies with the UBW Market. Registering a company is as easy as registering another user.
If we can create a trend where everyone registers at least 1 company on the UBW Market, we will, within a short period of time, have a large global marketplace where everything can be paid for with UBW Coins.

In addition to this we have salespeople promoting and selling the Business Package (At €600 per package) that allows companies to advertise on UBW Market worldwide.
Becoming part of UBW
To Join
Choose from one of three packages, which include UBW coins:
·         1.   Starter Package - €60
·         2.   Business Package - €600
·         3.   Professional Package - €3000
Each package includes additional perks.
Additional Add-ons
·         1.   Reserve additional coins with UBW Coin Option Packages - €100, €200, €300, €500
·         2.   Rent an Income Unit - €600
·         3.   Vouchers - €600

Income Units explained
UBW is 100% owned by Manhattan Securities OÜ.
Manhattan Securities OÜ invests in new and existing companies with high growth potential. As a mechanism to backing the value of the UBW coin Manhattan Securities is investing in companies whose current and future value will give real value to the UBW coin. In order to optimise the speed of growth of these companies (And therefore increase each company’s value), Manhattan Securities is hiring salespeople to sell the products and services of these companies.
We have created an additional way for you to earn money, called ‘Rent an Income’. When you buy one of these (Costs €600) you contribute towards the hiring of a new salesperson who will specifically sell the products of that company thus contributing to an increase in that company’s value and therefore giving strength to the backing of the UBW coins.
A new sales person is hired each time 20 of these are sold or given away as a bonus.
These salespeople sell subscriptions (To products or services of companies owned by Manhattan Securities OÜ) which have a value of between €500 and €700. €120 of each sale made by the salespeople is placed in a pool called the Income Unit Pool. Each month this money in this pool is divided equally amongst the owners of the ‘Rent an Income’ packages. It is calculated by determining the average number of sales of per seller. This average number is multiplied by €6.
·         If the average sales per seller per day is 1, you make €6 per day, if it is 2 sales a day you make €12 per day, which gives a monthly payout of €240 per unit per month (calculated on 20 working days per month)
·         If a seller does not generate a minimum of 2 sales a day after the 2 weeks training period, he/she will be replaced with a new seller.
·         Minimum realistic target is then 2% or €12 income per day from your €600 rental of each income unit.
·         There is no guaranteed income, but since they are doing this as their full-time job and they work on commission per sale, they have to sell to make a living.
This is for 3 years where you keep 100% of this income. After the three years you continue to do this for another 3 years at no additional cost where you keep 90% of the income.
Note that from your date of rental, it can take up to two months before you start receiving income from your rental agreement. This is because the hiring process can take some time depending on the season and how frequently the sales are invoiced in various countries. Since this is income from real time employed Salespeople we calculate 10 months of work per year because of vacations and other banking holidays.
There are no limits to how many units you can rent.
€280 from each sale is paid into the UBW Bonus Pool. These funds are used to create a constant demand on the UBW Coin. Read more under The Ultimate Bonus System.
We are proud to introduce UBW-Radio this fall, 2016. It will be online radio optimized for streams, branded and custom made for your device with unlimited listeners and users worldwide. We will also be presenting on TuneIn alongside the most popular stations in the world. This gives the UBW community a powerful communication tool were we can broadcast and share reports, courses and events for all to tune in as well as participating as moderators and reporters. Lets not forget it will also be the place to hear your favorite songs.

Online News
UBW News will be launched fall, 2016. This will be an online ‘newspaper’ reporting news, events and current affairs from around the world along with all the latest news from and about UBW. Media professionals from within the newspaper and press industry itself will operate this newspaper. UBW will create this to be as good as the current top online newspapers today such as BBC News.

Opportunity of a lifetime
The Ultimate reward system
For every new user you bring us, we will reward you generously, and not only the users you bring, but also users coming from your users too. If you want an extra income or simply want to have a full-time job finding users, there are no limits to how much you can make. This system is designed to break all records if you are really up for it. Take a look at the example below and you will find that you are making money in 3 different ways with just one easy job. With all 3 income streams you are making money in 7 levels underneath you. (See the income example)
This whole system is based on an entry of ONLY €60 and all income examples are quite easily achieved based on your entry at this level. So there is no need for big investments or a high entry cost to achieve any of the following:

·         Income stream 1 is generated from sales of advertising packages on the classified ads website, where you can place anything you want to sell or rent as a company or if you simply have items you do not need anymore. See Packages for the different options.
·         Income stream 2 is generated from commissions earned by renting income units at €600 per unit for 3 years.
·         Income stream 3 is generated from the sales made by the Salespeople, which are earned by the rented income units. So for every sale made by Salespeople it generates an income not only for the person who has rented it, but also for the people in his/her network. So where income stream 1 and 2 are a one-time commission, income stream 3 is where you will make the recurrent income on a monthly basis.
The UBW system has been created is with a forward-thinking plan with a long-term duration in mind. It is a system that will reward everyone, even if they do not put a lot of effort into it, as long as they recommend 3 friends that in their turn do the same, and, with no promise of making millions the next month. UBW want to have a reputation that is both serious and focuses mainly on the use and value of the UBW Coins in the future. But make no mistake, this system is set up to break all records, and it will do it with ease when it comes to the income for those who put their time and effort into it.
We have a “Decoy” commission plan, which looks not too rewarding at first glance. However when you really understand the whole picture and see the way it is built, you will be amazed. The “Decoy” commission plan is set up so that with as little as €60 and recommending only 3 people who do the same, you will actually be upgraded and further upgraded and given bonuses after bonuses on a monthly basis. Form that alone you will make thousands of Euros on a monthly basis, but it will take 2-3-4 months.
It is also set up in such a way that if you put all your efforts into it, really work the system, get a larger number of people in and follow them up, you will for sure make a respectable income within the first month. This will happen even if they all just enter at €60. This is a numbers game specifically constructed to promote the use, usability and value of the UBW coin.
On the website you will find an “Income Calculator” which will give you a clear understanding of the income you can make. It is important that you understand that all the hard work you put in will be rewarded when you start receiving the residual income from all the Income Rental Units, which is given as bonuses in your group. It does not matter if they are given as a bonus or you rented it, you still receive the same commissions and bonuses.
If you are holding an Income Unit and being paid per sale, you are making your daily percentages, but you are given a percentage on the Income Units 7 levels down in your group as well. This is when the real adventure begins. This is when you can actually make millions as a residual monthly income. What makes it even better is that every month UBW is giving the bonuses, there will be more and more Income Units in your group of people, and your part of all sales will just keep increasing. This is what is makes UBW truly unique when compared to ALL OTHER companies today.
There have been some comments made regarding the low commission paid in the first levels when you first register new users. This is very true but having read the text above you will understand why it is set up like this. Everything with UBW is long term based and completely focused on building a long-term company with a long-term stable and safe income for our users for years and years to come whether they put in a small or big effort.
The ultimate bonus system
To make this opportunity as profitable as possible for everyone, you have an entry cost of only €60 and then your first €600 in commission will be used to upgrade you to the level above, where you will be given a bonus of 40% of your normal commissions on Income stream 1 and 2. Depending on the amount of the bonus, you will be given a mix of Income For Rent Units and UBW Coin Options packages.
For example
If you earn €1,000 per week, you will be given a bonus of €400 in UBW coins. If you make €2,000 per week you will get 1 income unit at a value of €600 and €200 worth of UBW coins.
If you have bought the €3,000 package you will be given a bonus of 50% of your normal commissions on Income stream 1 and 2, and a 50% bonus of your commissions on income stream 3. Depending on the amount of the bonus, you will be given a mix of Income for Rent Units and UBW coins.

This mix of Income Units for Rent and UBW Coins Options packages will be given as long as they are available. Once there is no more Income Units available from the company, and the internal trading has started, all bonuses will be given in UBW coins bought from the open market, which will create a huge demand for coins for bonuses alone.
As previously mentioned under earlier categories on this website, this bonus system will create a significant demand for UBW Coins on a monthly basis.
For every sale made both in UBW and by all Salespeople in the Manhattan Securities OÜ companies, this creates a bonus payout on top of the normal income. This is one of the other reasons why the commission per level in the packages is as low as it is. It’s because of the bonuses being paid to create a massive demand for the UBW Coins when the trading starts.
As an example, with 10 thousand Salespeople making 2 sales a day, it creates a demand of 40 million Euro per business day, since €100 goes to bonuses per sale, and on top of this, we have the bonuses on the packages in UBW.

Speed Bonus
Beat the timer
As an extra bonus system we have added a timer to your account.
If you have purchased the €60 package and you sell 5 of these packages within the first 5 days/120 hours, you will get double income for 2 months. If you upgrade to the €600 or the €3 000 package you will no longer have the double income because of the extra bonuses on this top package.
Time extension
In addition to making 5 sales before the timer reaches zero, for every extra sale you make, 24 hours will be added to your timer. If you reach 10 sales before the timer reaches zero you will get a bonus of €300 worth of UBW coins.
This speed bonus might not sound like a lot but by finding 5 people instead of 3 within the first five days (And the people in the levels underneath you find 3 each), it makes a difference of €35 714 in the first two months. So it is really worth the extra effort. You will see what you can actually make by playing with the “Income Calculator” on your user account.
·            A virtual currency that is backed by real value
·            A virtual currency that is set up to be used as a valid currency from day one
·            A virtual currency that fully meets all future financial rules and obligations so the governments worldwide can approve it.
·            A virtual currency that is developed with the expertise of banking experts
·            A virtual currency where YOU will be in from the start
·            A team of thousands of professional salespeople actively signing up business partners who will accept this currency on a global basis, from the big manufacturers to the café on the corner.
·            A way of launching where you can:
o    1.   Take advantage of the increase in value
o    2.   Take advantage of the professional sales force of the companies backing the value of the coin, AND receive a monthly income
o    3.   Make money by simply spreading the news, or make it your actual job and career
o    4.   Or all of the above
Imagine the power of this unique opportunity when you compare it to all other virtual coins. There are coins worth hundreds of Euros per coin but with no real value backing it or no strategy on how to have it as a fully recognized as currency.
What you have just imagined can happen with your buying power, your luck of being here from early start, your chance to start fresh or build on an already success, this is actually happening for thousands of others RIGHT NOW!
10 minutes from now hundreds or more people will have signed up and the UBW coin value will have increased exponentially.
There is no time to lose. Don’t wait, register right now from as little as €60. To suit your comfort level, you can decide how much, or how little you wish to be part of this exciting adventure.

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