Coinomia is an opportunity that provides the user a platform to mine bitcoins

Coinomia is an application for mining in cryptocurrencies with any of the available gadgets, a user have. Designed to cater both new miners and power users, Coinomia requires no configuration at any device. The power allotment can be managed from anywhere and can be distributed among various cryptocurrencies.

We are mining since early 2014, even before Ethereum was live! We have centres across the world and we have invested in latest ASIC chips and mining equipments. Our data centres are managed properly, energy efficient and we have ensured the security and maintenance with advance tools and technology. We also provide softwares to users who have an urge to mine at their own!
Coinomia is an opportunity that provides the user a platform to mine bitcoins without owning and maintaining a complex hardware setup. We rent the most efficient and reliable rigs for mining to produce profits for the users. Users can also gain Incentive by inviting friends to coinomia.
1. Mining starts the time user creates an account.
2. Registered company operated by experienced people.
3. Provides referral commission upto 12%.
4. 24x7 online assistance
5. Mine in multiple cryptocurrencies.
As soon as user creates an account, He can upgrade the power and contract will be added immediately. There are options of-
1. Bitcoin Mining
2. Pure Ether
3. X11 mining i.e. Various Cryptocurrencies
The power can be allocated as per the choice of the user. The user can either allocate all his hashpower in any one of these or he can go for partial allocations in each.
The user will be paid at the end of the day i.e. after a span of 24 hours, his first payout will be released. Therefore, it takes 48 hours to reach the payment to his wallet.
Cloud mining gives an instant access to mining platform. For new users, cloud mining is beneficial in many ways.
1. It reduces the risk.
2. It reduces the cost.
3. It assists the new user.
4. It provides daily returns.
5. It is hassle free.
6. User don’t needs to invest on hardware and its maintenance.
7. Mining in pool and sharing the payout.
8. Provides more authenticity.

Traditional Definition: The mining software is owned, managed and maintained by us and we invite users to mine in pool so that miners get a steady flow of bitcoin starting the day of activation. The mining will be done at our service centers and profits will be shared to all the existing miners associated with coinomia.
Create a free account with referral id. Set up your account with authentic details. Purchase a contract from your back office and start mining!. Upgrade the power to earn more profits.

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