How does Swisscoin work?

Cryptocurrencies work on the principle of mining the units of cryptocurrency which are known as coins at a particular rate measured with a unit of physical currency (e.g. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Naira, etc…).

This rate is usually very low at the beginning when the first batch of coins are being “mined”, and progresses to increase over time as it becomes more popular and demanded by a large number of people. Let’s take Bitcoin, for example. When it was first created in 2009, the coins were mined at the rate of $0.02 per coin. At that time, for sure many people disregarded the project and didn’t bother joining. But surprisingly by 2013, four years after Bitcoin was launched, those coins gained a value as high as $1,100, and some were even being traded at a rate higher than that. Now, imagine that you were one of those who bought the Bitcoins when they were being mined at $0.02, and you bought about 25,000 coins for $500. Then in 2013 you decided to sell all 25,000 coins. Let’s calculate. 
25,000 coins * $1100 = $27,500,000. (OMG!)


Swisscoin's blockchain has a capacity that allows 10 billion Swisscoin's to be produced. Crypto currency is inflation-protected and it can not be affected from any direction. It makes cryptocurrency comparable with precious metals and the value is determined by supply and demand.

Swisscoin is promoted as "The People's Coin" and therefore give away 100 free coins to the first million members who register. SWISSCOIN is designed for everyone, not just for millionaires. These 100 coins will be activated in In February 2017 when the trade- and retail platform is launched and your account is activated with a minimum investment of € 25.

Swisscoin even give out 100 free coins to the first million stores that signs up and accept Swisscoin as payment method.

In Swisscoin you have no "dead" legs - If you choose to take part of our compensation plan by sharing with you this unique opportunity, you will have only one team, there is only one qualification, you get direct payment of everything that happens from you and your downline. With our unique compensation plan, you get paid daily for your work. So what you do today, you get paid for tomorrow.

Swisscoin offers an online academy, a training course in the field of crypto currency and block chain to everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, education, financial advantages and disadvantages. Everyone should be able to learn how to take advantage of so new industry as cryptocurrency and blockchain is. All kind of people can get a chance to make difference.

Anyone can become a member of Swisscoin and get access to Swisscoin e-wallet, trading and retail platform for free and start building their Swisscoin organization to get benefits from the compensation
plan we offer.

The membership of Swisscoin offer you a free e-wallet linked to Swisscoin's block chain where you, without borders can send money to others throughout the world, for free. In other words - Free banking!

Crypto currencies as Swisscoin is the beginning of a financial revolution in banking and transactional matters. We know that already today big banks around the world look at the block chain technology and cryptocurrency, about how they will be able to implement this in their system. Do not miss this unique opportunity to be involved from the start.

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