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Registered in Singapore with its Branch office in Switzerland, the founders of DUCATUS have chosen the 2 most secure and regulated financial centers in the world for its operations. 
This solid foundation is providing the secure legal basis and standards, that ONLY DUCATUS is offering! Based on the principles defined by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, a total of 7,778,742,049 ‘DUCATUS’ digital coins will be generated.
DUCATUS DIGITAL and SWISSMINE CLUB all part of the crypto currency revolution | Ducatus is a real M.L.M. marketed digital currency . . DucatusX is the trading platform and the investment site for serious investors ..

The world is going digital. Everything is changing at rapid speed, and so must our way of payments. A careful study of current financial markets and upcoming FINTECH trends have formed the basis of this innovative and modern approach for the creation of a new highly functional global crypto-currency!
SWISSMINE, recreating the LEGEND www.swissmine.club

Founded and led by an experienced group of entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, SWISSMINE invites investors to purchase mining credits and become an integral part in the creation of a new currency. By merging the early beginnings of ‘money’, available to only a privileged FEW, with todays’ progress towards a complete digitalization of life, this new means of payment will offer a modern ‘money’ solution accessible to ALL.

Mining credits are available starting as low as 50 Euro and allowing people from all levels of society to become part of the next guaranteed shift in the financial revolution towards a cashless world. What started with Bitcoin is now offering a new way forward into financial independence.
DUCATUS, combining the OLD and the NEW www.ducatusdigital.com

DUCATUS is the final product of SWISSMINE, a revival of the early gold coin used in the Roman Empire. The focus of this ‘real’ digital currency is to offer new standards in every day payment processing and usability.

To secure the set milestones and to offer full transparency, 100% of DUCATUS coins will be pre-mined and securely stored by the company. Over a period of 3 years, these coins will then periodically be released to the partners following a pre-determined schedule.

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