How to Send a Promoted Tweet That’s Invisible To Your Followers

Twitter’s Promoted Tweet advertising tool is a powerful way to reach a targeted audience and drive engagement, awareness and clicks. But did you know that you can select to show a Promoted Tweet only to your target audience, and not your existing followers?

To do this, simply select the ‘Promoted-only’ option when you’re constructing your Promoted Tweet.

Why would you want to do this? Showing very specific content to a select group of people is a very effective way to drive new business, especially if it’s a promotion that may not be as valuable to your existing fans, or might be something they’ve already seen. Or, it might be something you only want to give to new customers – for example, 25 percent off of their first order. With a promoted-only Promoted Tweet, you can do that!

(Note: while promoted-only tweets won’t be visible on your timeline or be delivered to your followers, they will show up in Twitter search.)

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