Tricks to get more followers Free

The art of following others
        I typically follow other based on my niche and those with active twitter timeline. In order to get in front of a vast audience, you must know the art of following.
       Twitter allows you to follow 2000 people more than your current following count. Now if your follower count is 5000 you can follow 7000 people at the maximum.

Never mind we have a work throughout for it too, which I will be discussing later.

      Everyday, using twitter’s advanced search, or tools like tweetadder search for people similar to your niche. Like if you have a “basketball” related blog, search for basketball or sports as a keyword.
       Without thinking a second, follow the relevant twitter profiles may be 500 per day.
       ★TIP:  Don’t follow people with “eggs”, I mean people with default twitter avatar as their profile picture. These are the people with spam accounts or newbies that wouldn’t add any value to your community.

        If you follow 500 people a day, chances are 140-150 will follow you back as a sign of courtesy or because they want to network with you (Which is what we want!).
      TIP: In order to do it quick enough I have developed hack. I go to influencers in my niche, (Like @MariSmith if I want to get followers interested in social media or @Adobe if I am having a blog on PDFs or products of Adobe), go to their follower list and deliberately add up to 100-150 at a time.

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