New Krypto coin from SWITZERLAND will start in May/11/2017

Conclusion of the new value Krypto coin system – 

start in  May/11/2017

Legal form: Public limited company Head office: Switzerland

Former capitalization: 13.5 m. euros 

Incubation period & planning 2 years
Consultation and assessment by one of the most renowned lawyer’s offices in Switzerland
Technology: hybrid blockchain
Condition: 500,000,000 m. coins
Proof of Work – Proof of Stake

1. Instantly tradable and listed at the London Stock Exchange
2. Acquisition through business packages (5€-5000€) – entitled to commission from 250€ – entitled to commission till the 11th level from 5000€ (grades and levels follow)
3. DIRECT coin entry in your personal SAFE (patented) e-wallet
4. PROTECTION/support of the coin by precious metals and participations (complete loss almost not possible)
5. FIRST coin with a real material VALUE

Course in the beginning: 1 coin = 10 cent
Acquisition for 1000€ = 10,000 coins into the e-wallet

Division of the deposited amount
Max. 40% commission (including rank bonus)
Max. 35% divided onto 11 levels
5% for rank bonus

40% investment in VALUES (coin support)
20% in precious metals
20% in shares (start-ups etc.)
Particularity – these companies must accept the coin as a compensation for the financing (creation of points of acceptance)
20% handling

Content business package:
1. Krypto coins
2. High quality Business Academy
3. Crowdfunding/Likes (details follow) community votes for the projects 4. Advertising points

1. User figures
a. In 2020 5 Mio users – including 1 m. paid accounts
2. Price:
a. 12/31/2017 – 1€
b. 12/31/2018 – 10€
c. 2022-2027 – 100€ to 200€

The following factors (drivers) are used for the development of the price
1. Investment (Purchase/sale of business packages)
2. GUARANTEED re-sale price of Krypto coins by the company itself (is lower than the price – increases with it)
3. Income from shares (start-ups)
4. Advertising revenue (can be booked externally at higher costs as well)
5. Rise of points of acceptance
6. Value of the Krypto coins saved from the beginning through physical gold

Safety: 100% DZNT
Velocity: 75t cp/s (10 times as high as bitcoin)
Anonymity: 100%

As the development of the price of the Krypto coin is promoted from different foundations of the company, a profit for the investors can be expected.

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