The Coin-(R)EVOLUTION--The Megacoin-Business starts on May, 11th 2017


What everyone is trying – we achieved it!

The Megacoin-Business starts on May, 11th 2017
Swiss AG with 13,5 billion deposit

100% liquid from the first day on

Advanced information & registration on
The evolution of Bitcoin is here
Newest technology innovations
10 times faster
100% anonymous
Hybridblockchain – Proof of Work – Proof of Stake
100% liquid from the first day on
Guaranteed reacquisition through the company!!!
Immediately tradeable at the stock markets in London or China

The Coin is supported by gold and Start-up investments – a coin with a real

physical VALUE

It overshadows everything else – what others promise is reality here
No tokens

No waiting for the split

All coins have already been produced
No vesting periods
IMMEDIATELY Coins – Immediately tradable
All in your patented e-wallet
Circulation 500,000,000 coins
The patented Hybridblockchain is used as technique
-Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

We expect 1 million users in the first year – unique worldwide
START on May, 11th 2017 in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Asia

We have direct contact to the CEO & the inner circle
Be part of it from the start – the market is distributed NOW
Being one of the FIRST WORLDWIDE?

Advanced information & registration on

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