AdsCash Grab world first official cryptocurrency for advertising world

It was really just an idea which took off
Here we have a idea which is equally superior but when you combine this with our marketing musle which is already over 150,000 members each having 100 coins = 15 million coins already in circulation -

all I can say is that anything is possible
Launch price of Adscash will be 2.5 cents

From here what will happen - only God can tell but can we hit 25 cents per coin in next 12 months - hell YESSSS

Can we hit $2.5 in next 12 months - HELL YESSSSSS
Can we hit $25 in next 12 months - YESSSSSS SIRRRRRRR
Can we hit even $100 in next 12 -24 months = May Be
Can we hit $1000 in next 36 months to 5 years - Who Knows - Anything is possible
Bitcoin is poised to hit $10,000 a bit coin to $25,000 a bitcoin in next 36 months

So we doing $1000 in next 3 years is a real possiblity considering the # of coins in circualtion we are already having , the applications we are building up for usage , the companies we are bringing on board and so on........

                                                            CEO: Mr. Nick Johnson

This new business was created by the founders of ClickIntensity! And especially Nick Johnson the CEO!The whole is based in Hong Kong!FOR THE INSTANT YOU CAN REGISTER, THE DATE OF DEPARTURE IS FIXED IN 30 DAYS (March 24?)CEO Facebook:…Facebook of ADS CASH: Group secret and closed, ask me to add you if you want to join Ads Cash.

AdsCash a new decentralized crypto-currency exclusively designed for the AdWorld space.Sign up now, and for free then receive 100 free AdsCash.AdsCash is the next-generation multi-functional crypto-currency for Adworld based on the Blockchain Ethereum using advanced smart contract functionality.This currency will be used for online advertising transactions around the world, replacing traditional values.

AdsCash uses the ethereum blockchain to enable people to trade, and do business with confidence in the world without trust with unchanging transactions.Commerce, and Adscash exchange in a transparent, conflict-free manner while avoiding intermediary services in the advertising world.The advertiser can buy AdsCash to pay advertising costs to the publisher, and the publisher can sell Adscash as advertising fees on the forex market.Secure and condition-based transactions using the ethereum intelligent contract functionality.Adscash a new way to monetize the world of online advertising through simplified micro-payments without friction.Advertisers can use AdsCash as a money token to make loyal customers online.

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