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Are you fade up to see usual scrappy old blogger theme? I'm pretty sure you will shock to see their newly released themes with all new features.

This is really exciting news for blogger platform users that blogger has officially launched 4 new responsive themes in 20 style. Newly released blogger theme got rock solid design and visually appealing to any audience. Choose from a host of stylish new themes and find the perfect one to fit your blog. New theme has designed to be mobile friendly, fast and totally free.

if you are a blogger/blogspot platform user then you might see bunches of old blogger theme which is not user friendly and eye-catchy. As a result, majority of blogger platform user's depend on custom blogger template to make their blog site visually appealing. Even there are many blogger spending money to buy premium theme from other theme designers. But maybe you are now able to save money and effort to buy or design a premium blogger theme.

moreover, many newbie those who are not familiar with blogger theme, simply they divert to other blogging platform like WordPress, tumblr, Weebly etc. after watching their poorly designed default blogger theme.

What's new in Blogger themes?

Initially blogger has released 4 themes and each theme has come with 5 styles. This means 4 themes X 5 styles = 20 themes. Those are as follows:
  • Contempo Blogger theme
  • Soho Blogger theme
  • Emporio Blogger theme
  • Notable Blogger theme 

Contempo Blogger Theme, Soho Blogger Theme, Emporio Blogger Theme, Notable Blogger Theme
Blogger New Responsive Themes 2017
    All of the themes are now released in WordPress style with clean and elegant look, in addition there are many features has included in blogger's new themes. Even they have changed the name Blogger Template to Blogger Theme. Some new SVG icons has used for menu and social media widget. I think bloggers are trying to compete with WordPress. Whatever, we should have a look on the main features of blogger's new themes, those are as follows:

    100% Responsive (Desktop,Tablet,Smartphone)

    All blogger themes are now responsive. Previously it was a big issue that blogger's default them was not responsive. As a result, those themes was not suitable for different smart devices. But newly released themes are now responsive and it can adjust in all Smart devices.

    SEO and User friendly

    Newly released themes are now more SEO friendly and they have included some basic SEO script and features for Smartphone. You can see a script below and this script help to change browser's color on Smartphone while anybody visit your blog.

    new Responsive Themes
    New Responsive Blogger Themes

    If your blogger theme color is blue and you have set the blue color code instead #eeeeee then when a visitor visit your site on mobile phone then the browser's color will change. This helps to match your blogger theme color with browsers color to create a strong brand image.

    Fast Loading

    This is always a best feature of Blogger theme that their all default themes load very fast. They have included many features but still their new themes load faster. Obviously a fast loading theme always get extra priority in search engine result page.

    Auto Blog Post summarize And Read More Script

    All previously default blogger themes post released in classic style without auto readmore feature that shows whole content at once, as a result if users add large vertical image on post then theme loading speed become slower but in new themes blogger has used auto readmore script to display only post summary. And now it loads blazingly fast with all features.

    Auto Image Crop With Thumbnail

    Earlier blogger's themes was not come with auto image crop with thumbnail features. but all new themes has image crop style, this means whatever your blog post image size blogger will automatically resize on a preset size. such as
    • 128px X 128px or
    • 256px X 256px
    Generally post's cropped image size varies on themes.

    Sticky dynamic Header

    This feature helps to upload your logo in blogger theme's header section. This is a great feature for branding your blogger site by including attractive logo.

    Sticky dynamic Header in New Blogger Theme
    Sticky dynamic Header in New Blogger Theme

    And most of the theme's headers are sticky. When visitors scroll down to read the content then header will scroll down for easy navigation.

    Slide Vertical Menu

    Instead of horizontal menu a triggered slide vertical menu has included in new blogger themes. When you click on menu bar blogger default menu will appear vertically and this is really awesome.

    Vertical Slide Menu in blogger theme
    Blogger New feature:Vertical Slide Menu

    Search Box

    WOW! you will be surprise by viewing their auto expending search box. When you click on search icon then instantly the search box will expend and you can write your search query.

    Search Bar in New Blogger Theme
    Stylish Search Bar in New Blogger Theme

    Blog Post Formats

    In 4 new themes blogger has included different blog post format. And users now can use their favorite blog post format according to their desire. There are 3 Blog Post formats has used in new themes:
    1. List Style
    2. Classic Style
    3. Grid Style
    Maybe in future blogger will include more blog post style like Masonry Grid Style, zigzag style. As well as themes has designed in single and multiple Column Style.

    Clean Typography

    This another important feature of new themes that they has used clean typography. In most of the blogger theme used Roboto and Sans-serif font.

    font-family: Roboto, sans-serif;

    However you can use more theme from Google font directory.

    Social Sharing Widget

    To get your content shared by your blog readers social sharing widget is very important. In new blogger theme they have included attractive social sharing widget that doesn't occupy extra space in theme. Blogger has included below 4 social sharing button in social widget.
    In addition you will see 2 sharing features to get the blog post URL and email the post directly.
    • Get link
    • Email 

    New Social Share Widget in Blogger Theme
    New Social Share Widget in Blogger Theme
      This feature made blogger theme very productive. And I really like this feature. Because now we don't have to use any third party social sharing widget for our blog.

      Auto Author Image

      If you already have activated your Google Plus profile then Blogger will display your image automatically inside the blog post. So we don't need to use any additional widget for displaying author bio.

      Furthermore, new themes also support multi Author. This means if your blogger site is running by multiple authors then it will automatically display multi author images next to the post title.

      New WordPress style Commenting System

      This is another robust changes has brought by Google Blogger. They have completely changes the comment editor and style but you will find new look is bit similar to WordPress comment editor. You can make comment by following profile and ID in blogger site.
      • Google Plus
      • LiveJournal
      • WordPress
      • TypePad
      • AIM
      • OpenID

      Blogger new commenting system
      Blogger new commenting Editor

      Moreover by click on Notify me checkbox you will able to get notification about your comment reply from your previous comments.

      Error 404 Page 

      I didn't find any significant changes on error 404 page but they have brought little changes. maybe you would love it or maybe not.

      Compatible with major browsers

      Theme compatibility issue is important factor. Because all blogger themes are not compliable with all browsers like IE9+, Google Chrome, Opera , Mozilla, Safari but new blogger themes are compatible with all major browsers.

      Blogger Officially Lunched 4 stylish new Responsive Themes
      Blogger Officially Launched stylish new Responsive Themes

      Final Verdicts

      This is really robust improvement of blogger theme and all users are going to get a amazing experience with all the new theme features. Blogger has added many new features as well as they have omit some old scrappy features like navbar to make their them simple and elegant. But I can assure you that blogger platform is now one of the leading platform for newbie and professional blogger. Those who has avoid blogger platform for the ugly default theme, it's time to rethink to use blogger platform and newly released creative themes.

      Let me know what do you think about new blogger theme features?

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