GIRACOIN opportunity Promotional Offer for New Registrations

          From switzerland

*Promotional Offer for New Registrations*:
Get 100 Tokens for FREE when you register between today, March 29 until May 14, 2017. No purchase necessary.

1. Join HERE
2. Click Register button
3. Enter this Promotional Code: GRC-GET-100
You will automatically get 100 Tokens for FREE which you will use to mine Giracoins.
*****Better to use FIREFOX*******
The bitcoin will increase more and more 5000 usd Now also giracoin its price increased from 0.18 to over 50 eu You have the opportunity to start now Do not ratter this opportunity, You can buy a token pack turn into GRC on for you Imagined you to check 5500 token with 550 euro Converts the 5500 token to GRC with ration 0.8 gives you 4400 GRC If the price GRC is 10 euro 550 euro gives you 44000 euro Also there is other way to win with giracoin each new user to sponsor you will gain 10 per cent of the money paid....

All countries have to start using cryptomoney During these two years 2017 -2018 

Giracoin has four bonuses. The first is the direct premium, you get a commission for each top-ranking user. This premium amounts to 10% of the volume of transactions, Each winning bonus is divided as follows
60% goes into your wallet and 40% goes to trading account. Also giracoin at a pool bonus To qualify you must have 1 pack consultant with a parincipal pack in the first level and more than 100000 point TA  Gira Pool includes 1% of global sales, The distribution is made twice a year
Giracoin has already put online 3 platforme GIRAPAY GIRABUY GIRAECHANGE: Girapay is your portfolio of pyment. Girabuy a platform of purchase. Giraexchange is for trading GRC / BTC GRC / USD GRC-EURO ...
Giracoin is a legal crypty currency. She a blockchain similar to the bitcoin
In girapay you can create your own wallet Where GRC miner will send you

GIRACOIN has been approved by FINMA - the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority -
Also approved by the SRO-Polyreg Self-Regulatory Organizations, and GIRACOIN's account with Credit Suisse
To transmit your money You can either send them directly to your bank Or change them into another money like bitcoin Or buy products with
GIRAEXCHANGE and GIRABUY these two platforms will be made available to you during the first quarter of 2017 After the launch of the two platforms the users can carry out transactions between them.
Also giracoin has set up an application for your portfoli girapay You can download it on your smartphone directly and start using your GRC, Also you can use your GRC to buy products on girabuy Every moment spend the price of giracoin increases

Now the price is 0.18 euro Tomorrow it can be 10 euro or 50 euro or even 100 euro
joint now an be with the first now ration is 0.8 Giracoin INTERVIEW

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