Top 4 Facebook Messenger tricks you need to know

1. There’s a standalone website for Messenger

Unlike having two different mobile apps, the two different websites make more sense. Without seeing all the ads on Facebook, without the distraction of your news feed you can keep chatting with your friends at work. The interface is minimal and clean — similar to the app but expanded. For each conversation, there’s a sidebar where you can mute notifications for that person, access a call or video chat and see photos you’ve shared with each other.

2. You don’t need Facebook to use Messenger

Anyone with a phone number can access Messenger and its features, even if you don't have a Facebook account. All you have to do is download the app, and you can select “Not on Facebook?” You can sign up from there.

3. Secret chess game on chat

There's a secret chess game on Facebook chat which can be played by typing the following codes on chat box. Few are listed below.

  1. Start game with random colors: @fbchess play
  2. Pick the colors: @fbchess play white/black
  3. Pick the opponent: @fbchess play white John
  4. Make a move: use Standard Algebraic Notation
  5. @fbchess e4 or @fbchess Pe4 moves pawn to e4
  6. Nbd2 to move knight from b-file to d2
  7. B2xc5 to take on c5 with 2nd rank bishop
  8. e8=Q to promote pawn to queen
  9. 0-0-0 or O-O to castle
  10. Claim draw (e.g. 3-fold repetition): @fbchess draw claim
  11. Offer a draw in the current position: @fbchess draw offer
  12. Offer an undo of the last move: @fbchess undo
  13. Resign: @fbchess resign
  14. Show current position: @fbchess show
  15. Show stats between current players: @fbchess stats
  16. Continue a game from another conversation: @fbchess continue
  17. From 1:1 conversation, @fbchess continue with [friend]
  18. From group chat, @fbchess continue from [thread name]
  19.  '@fbchess help' to see the available commands.

4. Basket ball game on chat ( only on messenger app )

  1. Make sure you're using latest version of messenger app.
  2. Once that's confirmed, now go to any conversation.
  3. Send the basketball emoji (one shown in above image) and tap on it.
That's it. You can now play the game.

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