PLC Group AG PlatinCoin a BIG project to join in 2017

Whenever talks are made about cryptosciences , a coin always falls into the limelight and is used as a comparison. It is the digital payment unit Bitcoin , with which you carry out transactions in a decentralized database (blockchain) , thus registering bitcoins from A to B. He has been around since 2009, and from then on he was laughed at, laughed, unscrupulously desecrated and mocked.

It was set up as a one-day fly, which is only an air number. Even today, he is very skeptical. Nevertheless, some people believed in it. Investors as well as ordinary workers have invested their money at that time. This includes names such as ...

The twins brothers Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss
Tony Gallippi
Roger Ver
Charlie Shrem
Jered Kenna

They all became millionaires because they believed in it. Because they had the courage to risk something. The bitcoin started with only 0.10 cent. Today on June 10, 2017, 1 Bitcoin is currently worth 2,800 dollars. Incredible! Here is a chart of the current price of the BTC / USD.

You can see how the prices of the TOP 10 of the cryptos can develop in this picture.

Neither of these coins comes to Bitcoins, but they develop very well. If we look at the chart of some cryptosciences and compare them, we see that all have a similar development. They start very flatly and suddenlyshoot like a rocket . This is usually the point at which the market participants really start to act and use the coins. The value willautomatically increase, the more popular, more popular and stronger.

Here are some facts.
In 2013 the first blockchain machine called RoboCoin appeared in Canada.
22 October 2015: The European Court of First Instance decides to exempt from VAT the exchange transactions with Bitcoin.
The Russian Alfa-Bank carries out a blockchain transaction with the airline S7.
16 February 2017: In Japan Bitcoin is accepted as a legitimate means of payment.
There are about 3,000 cryptic diseases.
The market volume of cryptic growth is several billion dollars
An increasing number of countries are discussing how to make efficient use of cryptoscripts and blockchain technology.

In any case, to say ...
... today we know better. We all who are concerned with the issue would like to jump back to 2009 and invest in Bitcoins. But unfortunately the time can not be turned back.

What do we learn from it? We learn that we must be open to new things.If there is an opportunity, we have to take it , otherwise we miss the connection again . Not every coin is a good coin. At about 3000 , many are simply scrap metal. Still, we should keep our eyes open , and if it fits, risk something. Who knows, whether behind it does not hide a madness chance .

Now this is an opportunity. This time with the crucial difference that it is not simply a payment unit called Coin, but the platinumcoin , an internal allocation unit in the global cryptosystem, with its own and very strong technology behind it.
I now introduce you to the company PLC Group AG .

The enterprise
The PLC Group AG , as the Internet change the world. With their technology, which is unique in the market and their products, they will bounce a delle into the universe!

It is a technology company consisting of a team of 30 specialists from 5 countries. From Belarus, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.These include technicians who are tweaking new and unique solutions and shining our eyes, which you will soon see.

The crypto industry is still in the children's shoes . Like the Internet in the 90s. And yet very successful and popular. What is now increasingly being worked on is the technology that allows our economic system to connect to the blockchain . An increasing number of acceptance points will allow us to pay directly with platinumcoins. Legal and secure.
PLC Group AG has analyzed most of the major competitors on the cryptic market. And many critical problems were found. Including ...

No proper patented technology
No acceptance points. The coin is virtually nowhere accepted
No Community
No assets
No independence from banks
No legality

The independence of banks is the real meaning of the blockchain and its cryptic methods. A decentralized solution is called , NOT by banks to depend. But in the end they are central again.

The key word "none" has to be highlighted as it is the serious problems.From the outset, PLC Group AG wanted to tackle these problems and find solutions for them. And in such a way, that as cleanly set up and legally correct is. So they turned the tables and could find solutions, because they have now ...
... a future-oriented technology
... a huge community
... real assets
... an enormous sales market
... the independence of banks
... a legitimate legal framework

PLC Group AG is a Swiss stock corporation, which is located in the Krypto Vally in Zug. It was registered in the commercial register on 28.12.2016.
On the 3rd- April took place a top secret meeting.
From 11th April the provisional registration took place in preparation.

PLC Group AG
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6300 train
UID: CHE 138017481
CHID: CH17030410065
EHRA ID: 1289189
Email: 5pWTlpaJlJKmloqFy4GUiZOWyIqSgg @ nospam

The vision
The vision and objectives of PLC Group AG were clearly communicated from the outset. You must surround the measure market. This is not 100,000 or 500,000 users, but 100 million users . The focus is on this goal and is the basic basis on which everything has been developed.
It is a global project that connects people all over the world and PLC Group AG gives us the opportunity to change our lives and the lives of people close to us.
A perfectly co-operating package of various products is offered, which is connected to the future-rich hybrid blockchain.

Who is behind PLC Group AG?
CEO is Alex Reinhardt
CFO is Maxim Bederov
CTO is Denis Bederov
A team of 30 specialists from 5 countries (Belarus, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic)

The market
As already described in the vision and objectives, PLC Group AG will servethe mass market . These include the following individual markets.
Everything is based on innovative and future-oriented technological developments
Social Network
Real assets through crowdfunding and crowding
E-commerce with a marketplace for retail, which makes us independent of the banks
Digital Products - High-quality training courses with different topics

The technology and the products in detail

The technology
I will now explain to you the innovative technology behind the blockchain on which all other platforms and their products are built.
You can now either watch the video, where you will be told in a few minutes, by the technical director Denis Bederov.
Or you read the text ...

Source: YT channel from Platincoin News

In order to understand the technology behind the blockchain, the wallet and its platinumcoin of PLC Group AG, we have to look at the usual solutions, as is currently being done.

The user does not have a bitcoin wallet on his smartphone! Instead, a terminal software is used that starts its wallet, which is run by a third party . This results in a false sense of security.

The key is that the private key is on the third-party server, NOT the user.For hackers, it is easier to get into this server and steal the private key and clear our account. Unfortunately no offline transactions are possible!

What is a private or public key?
When a wallet is opened, a key pair is formed, consisting of the public key( private key ) and the private key (private key) .
The public key is converted to an address , which is used to receive or send bitcoins. It is handled like an e-mail address or an account number.
The private key is not visible to us and is only on the wallet. It is not moved. It is like a password. This is used to sign a transaction before the bitcoins are sent. Behind the key pair is a cryptography that makes it impossible to guess the private key. For hackers, it can still be found eating.So the wallet should be very carefully bypassed. Say: Activate any security settings.

As a rule, a crypto wallet is hosted on a modern computer since the blockchain (the database), with bitcoins, has already almost reached the limit of 100 GB of data. If you want to put so much volume on a smartphone, you would have to carry several cases full with power supplies and external hard drives.

As a solution, a very small app is used here, which establishes a connection between us and the server of the third company , the actual wallet. This connection is then transferred as a pictorial representation.

This wallet is then hosted by the third company, which then performs thecorrect operation , on the real blockchain . This process makes it clear how we can get our private key out of our hands, and that company would theoretically have the power to clear our account in the worst case, if we were to attribute something evil to them.

On top of that there is one thing that is less bad, but the more probable. We know that many services on the Internet are initially free, or require a small fee. As soon as a critical point is reached, this service changes to apayment model . It will then happen that fees will be due at a certain% rate, for hosting your wallet. And the company would have no problem removing this fee directly from your wallet , since this wallet is not with us, but with this third company.

This is where PLC Group AG starts. They offer a different, much better and safer solution that they have specifically invented and constructed.

The picture shows how the user with his smartphone is fully owned by his private key. The app is so small that it has room for every smartphone and is thus able to perform all transactions on the blockchain.

And the most important. It does not have to be stored temporarily at a third company . This wallet is thus applied directly to the platinumcoin blockchain.

Many would like to know what PLC Group AG has for a blockchain, what they are doing here, and how much mining fees are provided for this. The technicians want to provide clarity. The knowledge that is widely disseminated is linked in the form with many contradictory statements and false assessments.

When spoken of by blockchain technology, the following is important. We as a millionpublish are normal users, who do mutual transactions and for all kinds of services, transfer coins. This results in only a few transactions.These have not yet been recorded .

What is an accounting acquisition on the blockchain?

In any group on the blockchain, a volunteer must declare himself to such an accountant. There are no banks or a central authority. And this accountant must now do the following.

On the picture you can see that all transactions are collected to a block. They are checked and validated . They may not be corrupted or contain incorrect data. They also have to make sense mathematically.

For example, if the amount on the wallet is not covered and a minus occurs, it is mathematically incorrect and can not be executed.

Once they have been audited, the auditor may add additional transactions bytransferring an amount to themselves . That would be the reward in that case . It can only transfer a certain number of coins.

This whole operation is very simple for a modern computer. Such a computer makes all these transactions and the validation within seconds. In order to publish the block afterwards, an accountant must solve a very intensive, elaborate and mathematical puzzle task , which costs him a lot of time and where he needs a lot of computer energy. Whoever first solves this task is allowed to publish the first block on the Blockchain, including the reward.

And this process is called Mining.

Mining is like coal, gold or precious stones, which is transported from a mine to the surface. And this is really called Mining.

The experts also call this PoW (proof of work).

Within the framework of the PoW, the Miner can first calculate the entire transaction fees from all individual transactions and additionally add a fixed amount of the reward. In the Bitcoins product, the reward is specified so that after a certain time, it is halved again and again. Currently there are 12.5 bitcoins per completed block. And this number falls slowly but surely against zero.

The more accountants for this task and the closing of the block interest, themore complex this task becomes . It becomes more difficult. The mathematical difficulty increases, and the effort to solve them is immeasurable, but the reward becomes less and less until it is zero.

To prevent this, PLC Group AG, at its Platincoin from the outset, said that they are in the process of setting the reward to zero . Now they have the Mining, which however absolutely no sense results, since the reward is already at zero.

What makes PLC Group AG so special.

They have a hybrid network . This means they have PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake) .

And this PoS can be seen in the second picture. To distinguish PoS from PoW, we need a different symbol.

In a different way, the coins are made from the raw material and then embossed . And exactly this procedure, is called Minting .

Minting is about the same job.

A block is created by taking all the individual transactions, checking for correctness, then assembling and closing a block by not forgetting to reward yourself.

And this is actually called Minting. Publishing such a block is NOT associated with the calculation of a very complex and mathematical task.Therefore, it requires almost no computing power.

But how much can a Minter in the Platincoin network benefit themselves?

This can be seen in the picture at the bottom right. In addition to the collected transaction fees, he can still choose a reward that is totaled at overcoated coin mines, approximately 10% in the year of his own bet for minting.

The whole principle has been turned over by Bitcoin Blockchain . In order to achieve this, PLC Group AG needs extremely favorable resources. So hardly effort. On the other hand, the reward is actually unlimited .

This means that they are always about 10% in the year of their own use of the Minting.

What does it all mean for minting?
The following figure shows a data center that is needed for mining.

Such data centers require a lot of power to operate and cool down everything. The more miners there are , the more computing power and energy is required.

Only a fraction of it is needed for minting. PLC Group AG has looked at what is the most favorable rental for a server.

This offer was found. It is the minimum that can be rented. Underneath you can hardly find anything. For the rental of a virtual PC the following is required ...

CPU: 1 vCore
HDD: 30 GB
5 € to 12 € per month
We now have a hybrid block and a server in a data center where everything is installed.

PLC Secure Box
But where is the private key now stored?
This is not stored in the data center, but on a specially developed device, which was christened as PLC Secure Box .

This small Secure Box is not greater than two packs of cigarettes and allows us per box 10% in the whole Platincoins lying on our wallet to Minten.There is no limit on revenue. The bigger the use of the Secure Box is, the sooner the 10% will be achieved. It must be permanently connected and maintain a connection to the server. Otherwise, can not be minted and it will be less than 10%. When holding 2 secure boxes, the platinum coins can be distributed on it.

Attention: With 2 Secureboxes , there is not 20% on a Platncoin , but each box mint for itself alone, and from this you get about 10%. So if you want to use 2 boxes, you have to split your platinumcoins on these 2 boxes.

Therefore, only a virtual server with the software of PLC Group AG is needed in a data center, which will cost € 5 to € 12 per month, depending on the provider.

With this secure box, the private key is securely stored in our 4 walls . It was not produced by China, but was developed by the specialists of PLC Group AG . Day and night was worked on, and in the end a board was built, which were equipped with our own processors, which work very well and very safely, which we all need.

This image shows the decentralized network of PLC customers. All customers receive a star from the very beginning. What the stars are, you will see in the ongoing presentation. And customers with a Secure Box also receive their 10% per year.

The 10% will give it also without a box, by a software solution. It will just not be as secure as a secure box. The box offers the absolute security. Especially for members who have very many platinumcoins it is a good choice.

It is also possible without a physical solution. Anyone can be Minter. For people who are constantly traveling, this is fantastic.

The PLC Secure Box will be delivered free of charge if you purchase business packages in the amount of 5000 €. Normally it would cost 500 €.

The first 1,000 partners already receive a business package purchase of € 1,000!
Super Thin Wallet - Secure offline payment
Another highlight is the Super Thin Wallet , which allows us to run a transaction offline and therefore safely. An example how this works in practice.
The seller enters the buyer's data into his wallet and, if necessary, takes a picture of him and the goods.
Then a QR code with the payment request is generated and the seller shows this to the buyer.
The buyer now scans this request with his smartphone, checks it, and thus generates a QR code from the transaction.
The seller now scans this transaction QR code with his wallet and then transfers the goods.
In the next opportunity to go online, the buyer and / or the seller publishes the cached transaction in the blockchain.
If the transaction has not been covered, a normal civil law clarification of the incident is initiated.

What is the QR Code?

The QR Code (QR code) is a two-dimensional code developed by the Japanese company Denso Wave in 1994. Due to an automatic error correction, this method is very robust and therefore widespread.
Source: Wikipedia

How does it work technically.
There will be customers who will have very many platinumcoins . So much that they could buy a car or property. In order to store a lot of securely on the smartphone, a smartphone where the Internet is constantly switched on, PLC Group AG has found an absolutely secure wallet as a solution to what they called "paranoic mode" .

With this method, it is impossible to steal the private key when he has chopped for the following reason.
Because you have not allowed a private key here. This wallet will only contain the public key as this smartphone is always online. This is only able to display the credit. The booking receipts and past transactions.

How does payment work with this?

In the right picture you can see a smartphone, which has no SIM card . So it has no connection to the outside . There is no W-LAN connection and the like. This means a hacker can not penetrate the smartphone.

And a sophisticated method using QR code generates a transaction request on the left smartphone. This transaction request is scanned by means of a right smartphone. This is signed by the private conclusions .
And another QR code is created. This QR code is now scanned again with the left smartphone and thereby the transaction is confirmed and executed.
This process is new and needs to be patented and will be available in the future.

Another live broadcast, where platinumcoins are passed from an e-wallet to another e-wallet with 2 smartphones.

Decentralized exchange
PLC Group AG has found something on the market which fits perfectly with platinum coins and benefits decentralization. It is a barter procedure without buying or selling on the stock market.

How does this work.

A seller offers a number of platinumcoins that he wants to sell. If someone has a similar buying interest, the system will recognize the two who are still anonymous.

Then a third special wallet is set up. Someone from the community is selected, who knows nothing about it and serves as a trust person. This Special Wallet has in contrast to the normal, not 1 public key, but 3 public keys. Works like 2 wallets, but now it needs 3 signatures. It is similar to a notary who is called as third trusted person.

After verification and signature, the normal transaction takes place and the wallet is then unlocked by 2 keys.

The platinumcoins now change the owner and go from the seller to the buyer. The double transaction fee ends with the trust person.

This special wallet is only present once for this transaction and is then deleted.

In summary
The future-oriented technologies of PLC Group AG include ...
Hybrid Blockchain (PoW + PoS): protects against "Attack 51%"
Patented PLC Secure Wallet: A secure wallet
Super Thin Wallet: Very light wallet + local key lock
Decentralized exchange: No central server, no admin, no CEO
PLC Secure Box: approx. 10% pa (for Minting)

Offline Wallet: temporarily offline available
It is important to understand that PLC Group AG is not a network company but a technology company . Of course, they use the referral business to address millions of people so they can get to know these technologies.

PLC Network
Another PLC Group AG product is the PLC Network, which has its own platform, which allows 100,000 friends . Compared to Facebook, where only 5000 friends are possible. All may use the platform and not only those who own Platincoins.
For the Liken and Posten etc. there are Coins, as compensation!
And for entrepreneurs it is an excellent platform to make contacts. There are so-called business accounts for efficient promotion of your own company.
Ads can be placed using AdPoints .
This network will also be absolutely serious and spam free . No spam through ad networks, since only friends can write a message. No one else.
If you have a lot of friends, and one is abusing the trust, then it is not that you have to warn him 3 times, but he is simply rausgeschmissen from the friend list. Then he can not write you anymore.
If someone asks you a friend request, then he has only 3 tries. If he gets a 3x, he will not be able to make a friend request. And that forever. No definitely means NO!

In summary
Up to 100,000 friends
Business accounts and efficient promotion of your own company
Placement of advertising using AdPoints
Activities in the social network are rewarded with coins
No spam

PLC Business
Now it is mainly about the assets and what the company wants to achieve in the medium term.
PLC Business is a powerful Crowdfunding platform , where the company selects projects into which it is an investor. This means they are looking forpromising and profitable projects that are already on the market. We as members may participate in the assessment and selection of such projects.
It is not just any startups, but those that are already on the market and can show results that only need some support and scaling.
And these projects usually require kick-off funding , or they need support in the development, such as for programmers, marketing people, copywriters, designers, etc.
Or they do not have access to a community . And PLC Group AG can offer everything including money.
And then the companies might start from € 5,000 a month to make € 20,000.With further optimization, they are also able to generate € 200,000 per month. And this is exactly what PLC Group AG is looking for.
The PLC Business Crowdfunding platform is built step by step.
The company finances itself
The addition of normal crowdfunding
The consideration of Crowdinvesting
First is invested in a company. This creates an investment portfolio. Later, more and more projects are included in the portfolio, which meet the requirements.
A team or a prototype, something that can be presented

Afterwards they can collect money, through our community or their own community. There will be 2 ways to invest. Either with the platinumcoin or with the real money.

It is quite realistic to realize up to 10,000 projects in the next 10 yearsby crowdfunding and crowding. At the same time, the PLC Group is further expanding its portfolio with the PLC business platform, which consists ofprecious metals and participations , the more evenly described startups.All this supports the course of platinumcoins.

In summary
The PLC Business - Crowdfunding platform is for those who believe that profitable companies can emerge from simple ideas.
PLC Business as a powerful platform for attracting new target groups and generating super content.
The best and most promising projects remain in the investment portfolio of PLC Group AG.
All users can actively participate in the assessment and selection of such projects.
The investment portfolio (participations and precious metals) of PLC Group AG supports the PLATINCOIN cryptosystem.

What is Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting?

Crowdfunding, also known as swarm finance, is generally a financing method, in which a project is financed jointly by many - mostly small investors - through an Internet platform acting as an intermediary. The "donors" are usually given an acknowledgment in the range of early use possibilities of the project result as well as small gifts within the framework of the project.
Source: Wikipedia

Crowdinvesting is a special form of crowdfunding in which investors participate in the company and profit from the success of the company (by means of profit participation, interest in the enterprise value, interest or the like). As with any investment, the investor is at risk and in the worst case he can lose his stake - for example, if the startup or company failed.
Source: Wikipedia

PLC Market
The online shop will provoke a revolution. We found a way to connect providers, vendors, service providers and producers to our Cryptosystem Legal. A global sales market that has an unlimited number of sellers within the online shop.

Someone owns 100 Bitcoins and he goes with these Bitcoins to the nearby BMW dealership, and tries to buy with these bitcoins this car, he will find that he can not do that. The car garage does not accept bitcoins for legal reasons . You must accept the internal currency. You can not pay with a gold bar or a currency that is not accepted, because this business must be licensed for it.
How does the PLC Group AG. How do they create many acceptance points, if the trade with coins is illegal - acceptance depots is illegal - everything about illegal coins is illegal?

It is precisely this problem that the PLC Group has adopted and has created a market. A platform has been programmed that offers suppliers, vendors, service providers, producers and all others the products, a solution similar to the big shops on Amazon, ebay and Alibaba etc.
They will register their products there and they will be able to register it mainly in their national currency . The system automatically converts it to Platincoins . And our entire community, which will have more than enough platinumcoins, can then buy the products with the Platincoins.
And the company will have in our payment institution backoffice , 2 or 3 sub-accounts. For example one in euros, one in dollars and one in platinumcoin.
There the platinum coins are entered and he can easily change them in the backoffice. So he can decide whether he wants to change it in euros or dollars or platinumcoins. By the possibility to adjust the currency in euros on the platform, it makes the whole transaction legal . This system can be used worldwide.
In summary

PLC Market: online shop within the PLATINCOIN system
Unrestricted number of sellers
Products can be bought and sold for PLATINCOIN
Global sales market

PLC - Paying Institution (PI)

The transactions are executed with the payment institution. Via an interface everything is recorded with the licensed payment institution and then regulated with internal processes. And so that the seller only makes legal actions .

This makes the PLC Market unique.

The payment institute has other advantages. It is a normal payment system like ADV Cash or Payeer. In other words, you can transfer money from an account to an internal account. As from bank to bank.

The PLC Group can also produce Cobranding cards here . It will also be possible to produce your own cards in the future and not as Cobranding. And the IBAN accounts are also assigned with the Paying Institution .

At the latest, the advantage is so huge that everyone can use it.
By the end of 2017 the Lite version should be available.

What is Fiatgeld?
Fiat money (also English Fiat money) is an object without intrinsic value, which serves as a medium of exchange. The opposite of Fiatgeld is goods money, For example, as tobacco, rice, gold or silver in addition to the external exchange value, has an intrinsic value which is independent of governmental regulations as long as it can be paid for.
Source: Wikipedia

PLC Academy
The last and real product of PLC Group AG is the PLC Academy with its legality . It is an online platform with high-quality training content.
This point is so important because PLC Group AG makes it clear ...
"We do not sell coins, we sell the training content and technological solutions.
And most importantly, we really make our partners "

The PLC Academy really makes up the partners and that is their claim, which is rock solid. A proper academy is being set up. The whole is also the key in the entire legality system.
It will be a powerful and a great online platform , where proper specialists will hold a lot of lessons. And these courses also bring people on.In terms of content, it is, of course, first of all about the technology, how the blockchain and Internet technology works and everything that belongs to it.
And the peculiarity is that PLC Group AG has an IT team that can convey the content deeply how exactly the technologies work.
But, of course, network marketing . Very many know that they can achieve freedom with network marketing, but they also need to know how it works. Also digital marketing and efficient communication etc. is on the board.

There are initially over 100 videos , which are also translated into 8 languages . This means that we have over 800 videos. As the community grows bigger and new countries are added, the videos are also translated into these languages.
The PLC Academy wants to clean up everything from the start. They do not want to be thrown together, with those who can not perform these processes properly. Therefore, they need a clean lineup with clean communication.

That is why they have also commissioned a renowned law firm to deal with all legal matters for the company and to build up everything from the ground up in order not to be under attack at a later date. So you haveaccompanied PLC Group AG right from the start in order to clarify what can be done and what is not.
In the run-up, 150 individual questions had to be dealt with, which were concerned with all these processes and they were worked through one by one in a complex manner.
Anyone who deals with lawyers knows what they devour at cost. Many companies go this way after they have been on the market for some time.

But as already mentioned, PLC Group AG makes everything right from the start.
They have created a really good and innovative system , on these whole pillars. And that is why there will be advertising materials and stopwords, which are carried out by the community members.
There will be 100,000 videos quickly, because people around the world would like to participate, as soon as they understand what this system offers.

In summary
PLC Academy: online platform with training content.
Training courses with exclusive and practice-oriented content.
Practitioners (Blockchain, Network Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc.).
PLC Academy + PLC Technologies - the key to solving legal issues.

If we now summarize all the existing products and their platforms, within the cryptosystem , to us here PLC Group AG, then we have a very strong company, which is forward-looking and by far unique on the market.Because they serve the mass market with ...
Future-oriented technologies
Great community
Real assets
Enormous sales market
Independence from the banks
Legitimate legal framework

Can you remember the beginning of the presentation? As I described the problems, most companies have the coins on the market.
"None" was the key word. And here at the PLC Group AG,a "clean-up" was madefrom every "none" .

Where does the money come from?
There are countless companies out there who have disappeared for a moment . Most of those who were members of this company are very skeptical about new things . Because the questions, which are asked more and more often, are ...
Where does the money come from?
Will only funds from new members be collected to finance those who are at the top?
How is the Platincoin monetarized?
How does PLC Group AG earn money?
And this question must be proven and transparent. This is the only way to build trust. The monetization of Platincoin actually takes place. As you have already read, PLC Group AG has some products, which generate its revenues ...

Sales of business packages
Income from the social network
Revenue from the business platform
Revenue from the online shop
Increase in value of real assets

The PLC business model
If we would present the PLC Group AG as a house, the structure would be as follows ...

The foundation is the most important for every house. On this the house stands firm. Business, social network, academy and the market form the foundation here and with these revenues are generated.
The foundation lets the money columns flow upwards.
Through the payment institution the money columns are beautifully packaged and protected from the outside.
A ceiling is now being built on these pillars and walls. That is the whole investment portfolio.
And finally, the house with the roof is made by the Blockchain technology and the Platincoin as an internal accounting unit.
Such a house is built very solid. And if it is in a few months, even a tornado will not be able to sweep it away. A house must always be renovated. And so PLC Group AG will always have something to solve. In the end, however, it remains firmly on its foundation.

PLC Index
The start price, at the release of platinumcoin is 0.10 cents .

From the time the price has reached € 1, PLC Group AG will repurchase its own platinum coins, if this is desired. The question is now only ...

Who wants that at all?
Who wants to sell his precious Platincoins again and already at 1 €?

The bright area is the course development, which will take place. And the dark area will be the repurchase price of PLC Group AG. In order to support the value of the whole speculation so that it can not fall into the ground, there is this repurchase value.

However, it is not intended to sell the platinumcoin to the company for 0.20 € if the price is 1 €. Even if the possibility exists. Rather, a buffer is to be established here in order to counteract a fluctuation in the price.

Of course, no one can predict how everything is developing, and how the course unfolds. But analysis and experience show what can be possible. It is expected that the price of Platincoin will be around € 1 at the end of 2017, which is also realistic. By the end of 2018 it can already be at 10 €.

Let us surprise you!
Why is this course expected? What does the company do to achieve this goal? PLC Group AG has turbochargers which they will gradually press. There are these turbos ...
Exchange of the company and individual components
Own payment institution
Exchanges from companies financed by the PLC Group
Own payment system
Worldwide network of own cryptomats

False statements / Correct statements
It is very important not to put any false words in your mouth, or to put them on paper. PLC Group AG would not like to be thrown into the same pot as companies who just bring coins on the market.
The following statements should be avoided.
False: Crypto-nutrition
Correct: Platincoin - internal accounting unit in the global cryptosystem of PLC Group AG
This cryptosystem package connects the following ...

The PLC Blockchain
The PLC Business Platform
The PLC Social Network Platform
The PLC Online Marketplace for Retailers
"All these are organs. And the platinumcoin is the blood that flows through the organs! "
False: We sell cryptowries / coins
Right: PLC Academy
PLC Academy: online platform with training content
Training courses with exclusive content by practitioners
Professionals (blockchain, network marketing, digital marketing, efficient communication, etc.)
PLC Academy + PLC Technologies - the key to solving the legal question.
False: Coin is covered by assets
Correct: Platincoin is a cryptosystem
PLC Group AG undertakes all efforts to:
Resources & Assets
Revenue from PLC Network
Revenues from PLC Business
Revenue from PLC Academy
Revenue from PLC Market
Team and all their activities
... to strengthen and popularize the company. All this supports the Platincoin.
Wrong: Guaranteed repurchase price
Correct: PLC Index
There are no guarantees and whoever claims this is dubious! On the other hand, there will be a withdrawal of platinum coins on the current course. See the section >> 

PLC Index <<

These institutions are not banks. As with ADV Cash or Payeer, they offer a service to transfer transactions from A to B. Within these platforms can also be changed. Euro in USD Dollars as an example. Many companies now use these services as payment systems.

The marketing plan and further merit
Also with recommendations one can build up a supplementary service.Anyone who likes PLC Group AG will be talking about this sooner or later.Those who wish to participate in the company and become members will register. And you get a reward for it.

Marketing plan

There are a total of 10 star levels, with 5 golden bonuses, seen from left to right. To receive the 5 bonuses, you must invest the specified sum yourself.
Each star has a 10% bonus for direct partners.
The first packet clears the first star. This costs only 5 € and goes up to 250 €.

Star Bonus
First goal - become a STARLEADER and qualify for up to 11 levels in the remuneration system.
In order to receive the STARLEADER status, all conditions of the qualification must be fulfilled.
The qualification for the start of the remuneration system is reached on the first package purchase.
You invest 250 € and free 3 stars.
Now you have to bring at least 6 partners into the company who are active, so also invest and bring their own partners into the company.
Now you need from your direct partners, the 1st level sales of 2'500 €.Since 1 partner can invest 1'000 € and the remaining 5, 300 €. Or you have ten people each 250 € invest. It is crucial that your people come to € 2'500.

To profit from the second level and to get a commission, the people in your structure, between the 2nd level and the 5th level, need a total of 10'000 € turnover.
Only when you have all these rules fulfilled, you are then released for all 5 levels and get there starting from these percentages.

Business packs
It is only possible to buy a package if you already own the smaller package. Before a 1'000er package can be purchased, first a 5 €, 50 €, 250 €, and a 500 € package must be purchased.
The first 1,000 partners who purchase the Professional Package receive the PLC Secure Box free of charge ****.
Each package can only be purchased from the FIAT money up to a maximum of 11 times. The return is valid for 14 days after purchase of the package ***.

* Netto plus the respectively valid VAT. For the purchase of the first package an additional 25 € administrative fee is due.
** The number of free PLC entries is determined by the external PLC INDEX on the platform.
*** If a package is returned, further purchases are not possible within 6 months.
**** If the total purchases have reached 5000 €, the Secure Box is free of charge.
Faststart Bonus

The quick start bonus is earned if a partner has established direct partners with a total of more than € 5,000 in sales within the first 30 days after the first purchase. The bonus is 10%, but a maximum of € 1,000.

Rank bonus / career plan
Every networker needs an additional incentive. The career plan is therefore part of every company that offers network marketing.
The rank bonus offers a coveted goal - to climb the ranking ladder. It is awarded with the badge and diploma once.
All achievements in the rank system will be preserved forever.
In order to reach the individual ranks, there are two prerequisites.

The team turnover
The qualifications of direct partners at the 1st level

You want to climb the rank of Ruby.
Now you need a team turnover of 25,000 €.
In addition, you must now have 2 partners who have reached the rank Pearl.
Only now you have risen to rank Ruby and get the bonus of 500 €.
Summary and other bonuses

There will be a lot of bonuses. In addition ...
Starburay reaching the 11th level
Rank bonus with bonuses from 100 € to 1'000'000 €
Faststart bonus with an additional 10% in the first level
... there will be additional high-class bonuses.
Star Autoprogramm
Star travel
Star club
Bonus system
To the entire bonus system is one thing important to mention.
The ranks are retained & do not have to be confirmed.
There are 2 accounts and a 70/30 scheme.

Cash account
Payment to external payment systems / accounts
Package purchase possible at any time
Transfer to other users is excluded
Trading Account
Purchase of business packages
<< 70/30 >> Regulation
70% of all receipts flow into the cash account and
30% of all receipts flow into the trading account
Commissions are available after expiry of the 14-day return period

Customer service and the support program - << 360 ° >>
The PLC Group AG is right from the start with an excellent customer service . This customer service is one of the largest agency and is called Telecomexpress.

It is one of the largest service providers in the field of support and absolute experts. From the beginning, there will be 3 languages.

The support program << 360 ° >>
Here comes something unique which does not yet exist. Even if you have no idea about anything - the blockchain is a foreign word to you - you do not know about network marketing and do not know how to win new partners - And you never heard of affiliate marketing.

Do not worry. Everyone is so trained and motivated, provided with a lot of content that even professionals, who have everything themselves, will not believe what PLC Group AG will provide them with everything. Then you are properly equipped , can go out and give full throttle.

The support program includes the following:
Provision of all the necessary advertising content and materials for the partners (presentations, promo pages, banners, etc.)
High-quality image content for team recruiting (video clips, success stories, useful content, etc.)
Comprehensive SMM and PR in the interests of the community

PLC special project with real persons
Important events that make you proud that you are part of PLC Group AG!

Payments and withdrawals
Currently there are the following systems to make your deposits and withdrawals.
ADV Cash
More will follow.

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