This company is called PLC Group AG ...PLATINCOIN

The accounting unit in the global cryptosystem!
If you have enough of running behind one coin after another, without real technology behind it and decentralization just pretends, then you should be careful. Because you do not have to go further. I imagine you a company that does not bring out another meaningless Coin >> number XXXX << ...
... but a technology company with an internal accounting unit namedPlatincoin!

This company is called PLC Group AG ...
Everything important at a glance The enterprise
PLC Group AG is a Swiss stock corporation

It is a technology company whose calculation unit is the platinum coins in its own cryptosystem.
The seat is in train
It was registered in the commercial register on 28.12.2016
On the 3rd- April took place a top secret meeting
From 11th April the provisional registration took place in preparation
Hybrid Blockchain PoW + PoS (75 x faster than eg Bitcoin)
NO token
NO Splits
NO Difficulty

What are the common problems of many companies in the crypt market?
No technology
No acceptance points for coins
No Community
No assets
No independence from banks
No legality
The PLC Group AG has the solutions for this and "None" is a "Completed" .
Future-oriented technology
Great community
Real assets
Enormous sales market
Independence from banks
Legitimate legal framework

What is basically wrong and can not be published ...

Wrong: cryptocurrency
Correct: Platincoin - Internal accounting unit in the global cryptosystem

wrong: We sell cryptocurrency / Coins
Correct: PLC Academy

wrong: Coin is asset-backed
Correct: Platincoin is a cryptosystem

wrong: Guaranteed Repurchase
Right: Redemption PLC course

wrong: Own Bank
Correct: Payment Institute (licensing process)

PLC Group AG
6300 train
UID: CHE 138017481
CHID: CH17030410065
EHRA ID: 1289189


The market
With innovative and future-oriented technological developments
Social Network
Real assets through crowdfunding and crowding
E-commerce with a marketplace for retail, which makes us independent of the banks
Digital Products - High-quality training courses with different topics

The technology and the products in detail
Future-oriented technologies
Hybrid Blockchain (PoW + PoS): protects against "Attack 51%"
Patented PLC Secure Wallet: A secure wallet
Super Thin Wallet: Very light wallet + local key lock
Decentralized exchange: No central server, no admin, no CEO
PLC Secure Box: approx. 10% per year pa (for Minting)
Offline Wallet: temporarily offline available
PLC Network / Community
Up to 100,000 friends
Business accounts and efficient promotion of your own company
Placement of advertising using AdPoints
Compensation for social network activities (posts, likes, etc.)
No spam
PLC Business / Real assets
The PLC Business - Crowdfunding platform is for those who believe that profitable companies can emerge from simple ideas.
PLC Business as a powerful platform for attracting new target groups and generating super content.
The best and most promising projects remain in the investment portfolio of PLC Group AG.
Participation of users in the assessment and selection of such projects.
The investment portfolio (participations and precious metals) of PLC Group AG supports the PLATINCOIN course.

PLC Market / Marketplace
Online shop within the PLATINCOIN platform
Unrestricted number of sellers
Products can be bought and sold with PLATINCOIN
Global sales market
Independence from banks
Own internal payment institution like ADV Cash, Payeer etc. (No bank)
Deposits and withdrawals of FIAT currencies
Cobranding cards: Filling with Fiat- and Coins
In future also planned without Cobranding
IBAN accounts for customers will come
PLC Academy / Legality
PLC Academy: online platform with training content
Training courses with exclusive content
Practicing professionals (Blockchain, network marketing, digital marketing, efficient communication, etc.)
PLC Academy + PLC technology - the key to solving legal issues
Where does the money come from?
Sales of business packages
Income from the social network
Revenue from the business platform
Revenue from the online shop
Increase in value of real assets
Business model and the PLC index
business model

PLC Index

From a price of € 1, the Platincoin can be sold back to the PLC Group
The bright area shows the natural price development of Platincoin
The dark area is the repurchase price of PLC Group AG
The repurchase value is intended to serve as a buffer in order to counteract price fluctuations

The marketing plan and further merit
Marketing plan

Star Bonus
First goal - become a STARLEADER and qualify for up to 11 levels in the remuneration system.
In order to receive the STARLEADER status, all conditions of the qualification must be fulfilled.
The qualification for the start of the remuneration system is reached on the first package purchase.

Business packs
It is only possible to buy a package if you already own the smaller package. Before a 1'000er package can be purchased, first a 5 €, 50 €, 250 €, and a 500 € package must be purchased.
The first 1,000 partners who purchase the Professional Package receive the PLC Secure Box free of charge ****.
Each package can only be purchased from the FIAT money up to a maximum of 11 times. The return is valid for 14 days after purchase of the package ***.

* Netto plus the respectively valid VAT. For the purchase of the first package an additional 25 € administrative fee is due.
** The number of free PLC entries is determined by the external PLC INDEX on the platform.
*** If a package is returned, further purchases are not possible within 6 months.
**** If the total purchases have reached 5000 €, the Secure Box is free of charge.
Faststart Bonus

The quick start bonus is earned if a partner has established direct partners with a total of more than € 5,000 in sales within the first 30 days after the first purchase. The bonus is 10%, but a maximum of € 1,000.

Rank bonus / career plan

Bonus system
There are 2 accounts and a 70/30 scheme.
Cash account
Payment to external payment systems / accounts
Package purchase possible at any time
Transfer to other users is excluded
Trading Account
Purchase of business packages
<< 70/30 >> Regulation
70% of all receipts flow into the cash account and
30% of all receipts flow into the trading account

The support program << 360 ° >>
The support program includes the following:
Provision of all the necessary advertising content and materials for the partners (presentations, promo pages, banners, etc.)
High-quality image content for team recruiting (video clips, success stories, useful content, etc.)
Comprehensive SMM and PR in the interests of the community
PLC special project with real persons
Important events that make you proud that you are part of PLC Group AG!

Payments and withdrawals
Currently there are the following systems to make your deposits and withdrawals.
ADV Cash
More will follow.

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