How to get your 100 referrals easily

Good day billionaires. I noticed that some testers are finding it difficult to get 100 referrals as requested that's the reason I chose to enrich us with the little knowledge I'm using in rocking tbc.

As I'm about to show us all how a lonely person like me and you can get 100 referrals easily when there is no person on your side to refer.
This strategy is for people that lack people to refer. If you have many people to refer you can ignore this method. Nothing is gonna stop us from being a tester and future billionaires. Let overcome this 100 referrals issue now. Here we go let take it step by step.

Step 1: Pick a book, draw a column, write down names, usernames and password of people you want to register both in Kringle.Cash and Also provide column for writing down email. (note you will create email address for them)  I'm here to show how you can create the 100 email needed in ease.

Step 2: Start filling both real name or non existing names, fill assign username and password to each name. Ensures to number each column to 100.

Step 3: The challenge now is how we can create multiple email address for each name. Don't worry you will create all of them with ease.

We all know that creating email account is not easy as it requires phone number verification and is time consuming. Is now left for you to choose if you need an instant email address or long process one.

If you want to create a customized instant email address, please follow the next step.

Using this method is optional. Will admin ask you to provide Identity of your referrals? If that is Case, use real names throughout.

"Let me give you the secret to opening the email address. Use yahoo and hotmail. Yahoo gives you two opportunities and hotmail gives you 4 opportunities. That is 6 already, look for 16 close people that will confirm for you."

You must own an android phone before proceeding to step 4
I am using the above method to register all my family (Nuclear and extended as well as close church members )and I am making giant strides. Lets share with other testers.

Step 4: Click on play store icon in your phone.

Step 5: Click on the search bar and type "instant address"

 Among the results from your search, click on the app that have the logo that I display in the picture above

Step 6: I am sure by now you have successfully installed the app on your phone. Open the app, click on address at the top left hand side of the app. Then click on "specify account name"

Bear in mind that the email address you are creating with this app using the specify option are not fake and can be accessed whenever the need arise.

Step 7: Type your email name in the specify account name space. Select any of the provider below and click on "create address"

With this you can create even thousands of email addresses easily.

Step 8: Go back and fill those email address you have recorded in the book with their names.

Step 9: Use the data from your record book to create account in and

After that I guess you all know what to do next. The fact here is all billionaires get there through handwork and focus. So be focused if you wanna make it through.
I will be happy to see all testers make it because their success is our hope.
Kindly share this, you might be helping a tester in need.

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