Is PIUNI a scam, ponzi or a legit business

There is no denying the fact that in this parts of the world, people tends to see many online businesses either as Ponzi’s or a pyramid schemes. This is more so, because, most young people nowadays do not value hard work or have patience to understand how a genuine online system operates and how they can earn from it. To my surprise, I have seen young people, even those relatively educated, saying, they know that online Ponzis are financially dangerous investments and can be toxic, but they would still go heads on into it and get their own shares fast before the crash, but in many cases, both their hard earn cash and the ill gotten ones goes up in flames all together.
There are severally on this platform, defined Piuni and to a large extent, many people know fairly well what kind of business and the nature of business it is. So despite the fact that Piuni is well entrenched in the E-commerce business platform, its not strange if some uninformed persons, categorizes Piuni as a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme.
So what is a Ponzi?
The word Ponzi actually belongs to the name of an Italian American swindler, named Charles Ponzi, who in 1949, designed an investment scheme, whereby early investors in a nondescript business are paid off by latter investors, without investing the funds in any tangible products, services or commodities. The massive inflow of cash investments are used to double or at times, triple the initial investments of early birds, which encourages many unsuspecting would be investors to out down their money.
The missing factor here is that the scheme is simply the movement of money from Peter to pay Paul, without investing it into any known and sustainable business. As time goes on, the funds dry out and the center can no longer hold and the business collapses. The investors are left holding the short end of the stick and the swindler disappears or claim that the scheme failed because people who earned from it initially, refuses to reinvest in it, thereby causing the collapse. Yet, no one talks about the high interest yields paid the early investors, from where the bottom investors are expected to bear the hot brunt of the scam.
The same illustration above can be used to define or describe a Pyramid scheme. The few topmost earners gets to be paid by the investments of the latter investors and when the bottom collapses, the pyramid gets destroyed and the losers get to lick their wounds in shame and anger.
Piuni is far from the above description. The business of Piuni is well defined, designed around well known world class products and services. Piuni is not doing anything new. Apart from globalizing their business models and combining multiple businesses and services together under one platform and willing to share their profits with their partners, we can liken Piuni to what Jumia, Konga, Walmart, and ebay are doing. They all sell online and cross sell beyond borders, they have unlimited customers. Piuni only took the game further and more boldly.
The period or day, Airtime, online shopping, data subscriptions and the many other online services and businesses Piuini engages in gets expired and no longer appealing, Piuni may become irrelevant, but until then, we remain a legitimately sustainable and profitable online technology company, built around people.
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