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Why are some people so anxious to sell their TBC coins right now, when we have asked everyone to avoid doing transactions during this period of technical difficulties with the TBC coin transactions?  TBC has demonstrated the power to debug many software issues over the 18 months we have been around, and at this time most of the TBC coin transactions are confirming on both the Seller and Buyer sides in about 8 hours from the time the transaction was initiated.  This is a very big improvement since the time we first encountered a backlog in our TBC Blockchain about two months ago.  But we still need more time to completely fix this issue so that it will work fast in completing all transactions, like it should.  I have said many times, that doing transactions at this time, is like rolling the dice, you will not win every time right now, so it is risky for now.

Have you all considered what you are throwing away by selling TBC coins right now during the final part of our wealth creation phase?  TBC creates wealth automatically because it has been scheduled to double 40 times in value during the wealth creation phase of our currency roll out globally.  We have used up 27 of those doubles already and that only leaves 13 doubles left.  If you do a $10 transaction now, look at what you are throwing away:

Doubles.        Values
1.                      $20.00
2.                       $40.00
3.                      $80.00
4.                       $160.00
5.                        $320.00
6.                        $640.00
7.                        $1,280.00
8.                         $2,560.00
9.                       $5,120.00
10.                      $10,240.00
11.                      $20,480.00
12.                      $40,960.00
13.                     $81,920.00

WOW!  For every $10.00 of TBC you sell right now, you are throwing away $81,910.00 ($81,920.00 – $10.00) of your TBC wealth!  It just doesn’t make sense to sell TBC right now, because that’s too much money to give away.  We are less than a year away from completing these remaining 13 doubles!  Doesn’t it make more sense to just wait and hold on to all of your TBC wealth?  The anxiety is unnecessary at this time, we will get the TBC coin transactions fixed, soon!  LOL  It’s not going to take us a year to get it fixed!  Let me explain why?  We are a Clone of Bitcoin, that’s what our TBC coin is technically.  We have just adjusted a few of the parameters of the Bitcoin code.  Like, our block-size is 8 times larger than Bitcoin, and new coins are mined every 3 minutes, while Bitcoin coins are mined out every 10 minutes.  Things like that.  Those are just parameters, and many other Alt-coins have successfully adjusted those parameters before we did and they work fine.  Bitcoin has been able to carry a very big load and work properly for a very long time, and only recently has the limit placed on block-size become an issue.  So, Bitcoin has pioneered the path ahead for us.  Of course a copy like TBC can be developed to work just as good as the Bitcoin original.  Our coin development team just needs time to properly set up our seed nodes on our TBC coin network.  Out of these seed nodes will grow out a completely decentralized coin network over some time.  Development takes time.  That’s the truth!  So, why put so much pressure on everyone being anxious to sell TBC right now?  That just doesn’t make any sense.  Relax…  Hold on to your wealth; don’t throw it away!

In previous articles, I have explained how to deal with a hot buyer.  If you fully disclose the technical difficulties we are having right now with TBC transactions, and they want to roll the dice, go ahead.  But let me give you an even better alternative than rolling the dice at this time.  Just ask the Buyer to give you proof of funds to pay you for your TBC coins.  Then lock the price to that date of proof of funds.  That’s not discounting, that’s just a risk free way to handle a Hot Buyer right now while we are still having technical difficulties.  Once the TBC coin gets a green light from me (Admin) that it is working properly, then complete those transactions at that time at the locked price.  So, the Buyer gets what they want, and they won’t want to sell their TBC coins right away anyway, so, locking the price is the main thing the Buyer wants.  As a Seller you will soon get what you want from your stack of orders that need to be pending for now, once I give you the green light to go ahead and collect your money from the Buyers.  Everyone is happy and we all remain calm during this time we are fixing things.

Some of you have gotten yourselves into some hot water, either because you didn’t heed my advice or you entered into a transaction before I offered the advise and now some Buyers are asking for refunds.  Under these circumstances, the answer to someone asking for a refund should be YES!  But what if you already spent the Buyers payment and you don’t have the money anymore to give it back to the Buyer as a refund?  I’m authorizing you to make the Buyer an offer of double the TBC of their purchase if they will understand that in time, a short amount of time, that is an awesome remedy for the above scenario.  Otherwise, make payment arrangements that are reasonable for both of you if the Buyer insists on a full refund by the same means they paid you in the first place.  Circumstances dictate that we must do the right thing when things don’t go as planned.  You can refer your Buyer to read this article to help them understand your situation.  Doubling the amount of TBC may be the best thing to do when you don’t have the means to complete a refund upon request.  Your not discounting the TBC coin, you are showing value of the time the Buyer has to wait to receive their TBC and that includes the amount doubled.  Just make an official agreement with your Buyers and show them the respect they deserve.  This technical problem will pass soon enough and then it will be business as usual after that.

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