Payza Implements Enhanced Bitcoin Services and Also Introduces Use of Altcoins

Payza is now offering a wide range of Bitcoins services that makes it easy for users to carry out various activities using Bitcoins.
Payza, is a technology driven platform offering online money transfer services that can be used to send and receive money, process payroll, and even online shopping by creating an account quickly. It is used by organizations and individuals for sending and receiving money anytime, anywhere. This service is unique because of its intrinsic features; one of them is that its account holders can trade in different types of crypto currencies. Payza offers best Bitcoin services like no other online payment platform, thus giving a lot of convenience to its account holders.
People wanting an account can opt for a personal or a business account. The personal account can be used to send and receive money in more than 190 countries around the globe. The aim of the service is to make available money instantly to people and assist them in using it as and when required for their needs, thus by-pass the need for going to the bank or ATM for getting money for the same. Personal account holders get a Payza prepaid card to which money can be loaded from the Payza account, which can be spent on all stores where credit cards are accepted. The business account has the same features as a personal account, except it can be used to make an online payment.
Payza Bitcoin Services
Since 2014 this company has brought in the use of Bitcoin, which plays an important role in e-commerce and international remittances. Bitcoin is digital money, which can be sent and received using Bitcoin e-wallet. Thus with Payza full Bitcoin services you can sell bitcoin, buy Bitcoin, send Bitcoin, trade, through the wallet, you can also send and receive money to a person anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. Business owners with a Payza account have the option to receive Bitcoin from their customers and can also get payments in Bitcoin which are automatically changed into US Dollars, Pounds or Euros. Trading in bitcoins offers so many benefits to account holders. They can send money to a merchant or an individual who accepts payment only in this crypto currency quickly. They do not have to worry about identity theft as seen in credit card. When making payment through a credit card, the problem that arises is that personal information is given to the seller. However, in the case of Bitcoin, no such details are revealed.
When trading in crypto currencies there are no transaction fees. So when bitcoins are sent from one Payza account to another or to an account that accepts bitcoins, there is no processing fee. Hence a huge amount of money can be sent and received without any fees payment. This isnot seen when you send and receive fiat currencies or when credit card is used for purchasing.
Another benefit in using Bitcoin transfer or receipt service from Payza is that money transactions can be done at any time of the day. This is not the case with banks and ATM which function only during specific times of the day or which are not easily accessible at night. You can make a money transfer to someone in another part of the country using just a Smartphone.
The money transfer will be completed in a couple of hours, a single day or maximum two days. Once the transfer is complete, you can have the amount converted into US dollars. This money can be sent to your bank account else transferred to your Payza card which can be used at POS systems where it is accepted.
They can also opt to keep the currency in Bitcoin itself. This feature has made it easy for merchants across the globe to receive money for their products in bitcoins, pay their employees across the world in bitcoins and send money to their wholesale dealers in the same, thus making transactions processing an easy task. There are many merchants who can transact only in bitcoins and Payza Bitcoin services are aimed at easing their activities.
An account holder can accept bitcoin payments, accept payment in bitcoins, exchange bitcoins and carry out Bitcoin transactions. This complete suite of bitcoin services from Payza enables Payza members to vary out various types of transactions with bitcoins, thus enjoying the maximum benefits from using this cryptocurrency.
Benefits of Payza Bitcoin Services
This bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange services is particularly useful for merchants as they can use the online payment platform to accept bitcoin payments for their products. The bitcoins will remain the same in their wallet and can be converted into dollars at any time from the Payza ewallet. The money converted to dollars can be sent to the Payza card, which can be used to make payment in sites and stores that accept it.
By enabling account members to have bitcoin and fiat currencies in their account at the same time, Payza is offering additional continence to them. They can use either forms of money according to their needs, something which is not present with other online payment services. This flexibility enables their business account holders to use the form of payment or money receipt that is suitable for their customers, suppliers etc, thus giving more advantage to their business.
A point to note about cryptocurrencies is that they are not bound by exchange rates When transferring money from one part of the globe to another, a lot of time is spent in the process. The amount of money gained at the receiving end depends on the current exchange rates which can rise and fall at any time. With bitcoins, you can send exactly the amount of money needed by the receiver, without worrying if exchange rates will cause him to send more money to the receiver from his account for the amount needed at the other end.
In many cases Bitcoins are used to complete contracts which need an immediate settlement. So when money has to be sent right away to the receiver's account to complete a deal, ailment through bitcoins will seal the contract asap. This is not the case with other forms of payment, which can take time for the money to reflect in the receiver's account.
The new service is also meant to attract customers to Payza, promoting it as the key option for those who want to work with crypto currencies. What usually happens when dealing with crypto currencies is that the platform used in dealing with them must be safe and secure. With Payza, account holders need not to worry about this because they have state-of-the-art strict security measures for their account holders.
Payza's Altcoin Services
The company also allows its account holders to make use of other crypto currencies such as Litecoin, Monero, Etherum etc. They can use them to add funds to their Payza account or cards. By giving account holders the opportunity to transact with various types of cryptocurrencies, Payza enables them to use them for their needs. This removes the constraint of transacting in only one particular type of cryptocurrency as is seen with many online money transfer services.
Merchants who receive money in the form of crypto currencies will find Payza to be highly convenient because through it they can receive money easily in the cryptocurrency that the sender is comfortable in dealing. For example, while some senders like bitcoins, while someone else might light dash.
For a merchant, the only requirement is to get the money. With a Payza account, they can receive the money in whichever crypto currency the sender can send it, then have it converted right away into US dollars, else hold it as such in his wallet. The money can be then sent to the bank account else sent to the Payza card which can be used for purchases.
By offering its account holders the ability to carry out transactions in bitcoins and altcoins, Payza is truly a robust global payment system, one that offer an amazing range of services and flexibility to its account holder, like none other. Thus Payza is the complete online payment provider, enabling people to send, receive and trade in various fiat currencies and crypto currencies with ease, as and when required from across the globe.
Payza's Worldwide Services and Security Measures
Organizations that carry out international trade will find using its service to be of utmost convenience because they can do so many activities with just a single Payza account. No need to go to multiple bank accounts, use foreign exchange service or send an overdraft to the receiver. Money can be transferred even in the middle of the night to the receiver through their Payza account. As Payza transaction fees are low, any number of transactions made by a merchant will not cause heavy expenses. Money can s be sent, received and traded in 21 currencies, bitcoins and 50 types of altcoins, which is a facility that is not seen with any other online payment service provider.
As Payza services are available worldwide, it is possible for a person to open an account from any part of the world and start using Payza. Getting an account is easy as all that is required is an email id. Once the account is opened, you get inside it to your dashboard, where you can see a wide range of service that can be carried out through it. Best bitcoin services offer a wide range of benefits to it users like none other.
The one problem that people face when they have to use an online payment service is security. It is vital for the site to offer good safety measure as otherwise it will not be used by its customers. It customers will feel that their confidential information will be compromised and will not want to avail its services. With Payza there is no such problem as they have implanted the best security measures to ensure that their customer identity is not affected while transacting. Payza resolution center is always available to look into customer concerns and issues.
About Payza
Payza is a leading online payment portal that enables people to transfer and receive money across the world. The company is known for its low processing fees and service availability in 190 countries across the world. It has just announced the release of Bitcoin wallet, which can be used by members to send, receive, exchange, buy and sell crypto currencies inside their Payza account. This is a very innovative service as it enables people to easily manage their crypto currency activities. Additionally, members can also add funds to their account through Altcoins. All transactions are made safe through stringent security measures.
For more information visit the Payza website, it's Twitter or Facebook pages or simply go to Payza blog.

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