I want to use this medium to say congratulation to everyone that took advantage of this huge opportunity. It’s been a huge accomplishment, we have waited so long for this day and now we see company already putting things to work.

In the past months, from April, we saw company completed its blockchain, initiated a test-run process for months which was tested completely, company then made preparations for initial public offering (IPO), web wallet provided to partners and now our SIC unit transfer process is initiated.

August 1st 2017 was the day the SIC transfer process was initiated, and we already got testimonies as some partners already got their SIC units to their wallet. The screenshot below can pose as evidence to the transfer process being initiated. So keep calm till it gets to yours, it’s a semi-automatic process.

Few days from today, maybe 1-3weeks time, we would see swisscoin listed on 1 to 3 exchanges and once listed; we would see them appear on crypto listed site,coinmarketcap. This is huge and the company will be taking us on a surprise on this.

We can also see improvements on company official site, as they display new tabs which includes SIC trade, SIC sales, Payspots (where merchants that accept swisscoin is listed) etc. We can also get latest feeds on official site homepage which shows that the company is already improving their mode of communication.

We also sourced info about blocked accounts, and management promised to deal with issues of blocked accounts. So I urge everyone with the issue of blocked accounts not to feel isolated, all is being placed on hold and would be released as the check follow a manual process.

Finally, for KYC unverified accounts, don’t panic, you can always upload your KYC documents anytime, once verified, your SIC unit gets transferred to you. So there is no deadline for KYC verification process.
------------------------------------Swisscoin Info.

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