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Innovation Sometimes Requires Us to Take Two Steps Backwards in Order to Move Forward

"I can relate to the sleepless nights of Edison who failed over and over again to solve the mystery of a functional light-bulb as we press forward to build the 1st “Abundance-Based” currency.

I can also relate to the great Steve Jobs who failed many times publicly, and through all the embarrassment and emotional fits of rage and depression managed to build one of the greatest computer empires.

I have some good news and some bad news, so I’m of course, I’m going to give you the bad news first…  The backlog on TBC transactions continues to increase.  This is not a small problem, this ever increasing backlog of about 50,000 TBC transactions at this time, is screwing up our tests as we experiment with the crypto-currency code in our attempts to get TBC transactions to complete fully (100%) and do so quickly.  We are completing thousands of TBC transaction daily as you can see by watching the blockchain explorer:  http://blockchain.tbc004.net/   Yet, even though I have asked the whole community repeatedly to stop doing any transactions, the demand of existing transactions continues to exceed the number of the number of transactions that we can complete at this time.  So, here is what happens.  When we do an experiment on the code, we can’t fully tell if that experimental code has made a real difference or not until it slowly makes it’s way through the existing backlog to give us a result that we can measure.  This is what has turned days of experimentation into weeks of experimenting and it makes everyone feel frustrated.

Let me give you part of the good news…  When we had less than 100,000 TBC members, transactions did complete fully and quickly.  So, generally, we know that our crypto-currency code works, on a limited capacity.  We also know that many other crypto-currency code developers around the world have already been through this same exact problem and have successfully increased their capacity to handle millions of transactions daily.  So, there is a REAL light at the end of this tunnel.  We are not doomed to fail forever in this department.  We just need a faster way to experiment code.  We need to eliminate the backlog again and then stay out of a backlog situation until the code will handle the demand of it.

Some of you may not like our solution to speeding up our experiments, but we have to take a step or two backwards in order to move forward.  Soon, most of you will notice that you don’t have a functional send button in your TBC wallet.  Your wallets can still receive TBC/Kringle coins, but you will not be able to send TBC/Kringle coins, because we will have “Disabled” your send button.  We will selectively turn on the send button for some of you.  Those that have an “Enabled” send button can enter into a transaction to send to another TBC/Kringle coins.  The TBC blockchain will continue to process the existing backlog of transactions and take on much less newer transactions until the backlog is wiped out.  Then, as we continue our experiments with our crypto-currency code we will get test results much faster.  That is how we are going to solve the capacity problem.  Once we can see that all transactions are fully (100%) completing again and doing so quickly, we will “Enable” more of your send buttons in the TBC community.  This will be a systematic approach making our way through the whole TBC community as we expand the number of “Enabled” send buttons as we go.  At some point, the capacity problem will be completely solved to handle all of the transactions of the whole TBC community.  Then ALL send buttons will be “Enabled.”  Just remember, this capacity problem has already been solved in the crypto-currency world, we just need to implement what others have already done successfully.  In other words, this is not going to be a lingering problem that takes several months to solve.

Now you are probably asking yourselves: “Who gets to have their send buttons ‘Enable” first?”  It should be no surprise to you, that I would start with those funding TBC at this time–those that paid the $10 annual fee for their Kringle Cash Back Office.  The truth is, if funding dries up, then we can’t pay the bills that keeps the TBC coin network up an running.  So, consider this an added incentive to complete that payment immediately.  At first, we will even start with a smaller number of users.  We do have over 20,000 members that have completed their payment already.  We have 10,000 Testers and also 10,000 more that are Back Up Testers for the Fiat Bank Exchange testing program.  We have asked all of them to complete 100 referrals to join the top ranks of the Leadership matrix inside the testing platform.  1541 of them have done so already.  It only take 2 or 3 days to complete this requirement if you follow the training in the Kringle Cash system.  These 1541 Members will have their send buttons “Enabled” first.  The backlog of TBC transactions should clear out pretty fast once we limit new transactions to just this small group.  Then our code experiments should progress much faster after that.  We will continue to ratchet up the number of Members with “Enabled” send buttons as fast as possible until all that have completed payment have an operating send button on their TBC wallets.  This will be done on a first in first out basis.  It is just like getting in a line, we will serve the Members in the front of the line before we service the Members at the end of the line.  So, the sooner you pay this fee the sooner you will have an “Enabled” send button.

Well, if you don’t want to pay this small annual fee of just $10 for some reason, you should look at the current value of your TBC coins in your wallet!  100% of you have more than $10 worth of TBC in your wallet connected to your Kringle Cash account.  Obviously the innovation of TBC is not in the coin technology.  We are simply a clone of Bitcoin and that’s not innovative.  The TBC innovation revolves around how we value the TBC coin by using proof of membership (POM) and that the value of the TBC coin will increase daily until it gets to one Billion Euros per coin–making us the first “Abundance-Based” currency.  That value will continue to increase as scheduled by the TBC software formula regardless if you pay this small fee or not.  Our innovation on crypto-currency has worked very well!  It has already turned many of you into Billionaires, and most of you are scheduled to become Millionaires at the very least!  Are you really going to let a $10 fee get in the way of you collecting on that wealth?  Don’t you realize that we have a Bank partner that is ready to exchange your TBC for Fiat money once we get to a million Members?  We are less than a month away from achieving that milestone.  Do you understand, that funding is a major part of the solution to our technical difficulties?  The more funds I have to use to solve this problem, the more options I have to solve it!  I would love to pay the high consultancy fees of some crypto-currency code experts to come in and work with our existing professional crypto-currency code team.  They are good, believe me, but they are not the experts we’d love to bring in too.  Admin is not running a one-man show.  It takes team work to make the dream work.  You may not want to pay this small fee, but you are already part of our team.  If you do this small thing, TBC can make all of your other dreams come true.

It is my intent to turn all of the first million TBC Members into Billionaires.  I will explain that in a future article–and that is very good news!"

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