Update on TBC Wallet, Unconfirmed transactions and Missing transactions

This is in details the update as regards the issue of unconfirmed transactions, missing transactions and Tbc wallet, most of the problems encountered are due to upgrading.

Hello TBC Members!

Please review these two blog entries and then read on…

This is an update regarding the TBC Wallet, unconfirmed transactions, missing transactions, any transactions.

For several weeks we have had increasing issues with the TBC Wallets’ sending and receiving transactions.  You’re receiving this email because YOU have contacted us about it.

We will address a couple of issues and give you information you can share with others.

TBC Admin has been providing our developers the means to upgrade and improve the TBC Web Wallet over the past weeks.  We are working hard to get transactions back to the level our members expect.  Please bear with us and read on for details on what we’re doing and information you can share with your TBC contacts!

The Web Wallet:

Please make sure if you send TBC transactions during the upgrades and work we are doing now, you should share the video and blog article with your trading partner.

We are working to significantly improve transaction speed and we expect it to be completed in the next 2-4 days…just hang in there…we’re working around the clock!

Current transactions that are sent are confirming much faster now than they have been in past days and weeks.  Transaction stability is much improved.   If you have a transaction ID, then your transaction IS processed.
However, your receiving party may not receive their TBC right away, it may take some time for the transaction to show up in the receiver’s wallet.  When it does it may remain unconfirmed for some time.  It’s possible for this to be an hour or it may be more…It could take a day or more.  It’s important to be patient.  Your TBC value continues to grow, even if it’s unconfirmed in your wallet.  EVEN if the sender has sent it and it’s still not showing up in your wallet yet.  It will still grow in value each day, currently at 2%.  0.001 TBC today, regardless of when it was sent will grow in value each day by 2%.  You won’t miss any of that growth when the coins finally confirm to your wallet.
Our team is working hard to ensure that most importantly your coins make it to your wallet.  Our team is working to improve transactional speed all around.  But we must proceed with safety and confidence, not rush through!
We expect resolution in the next couple days through the weekend, but it may take longer to check and re-check everything to make sure it’s stable, and transfers are completed.  Please bear with us.

So what about all those older transactions?

Older transactions that were cancelled would have returned to the sender’s wallet.  If you have sent or purchased coins from someone, you’ll need to contact them to have them send those again.  You can look in your wallet to see the status of any transaction that did not complete.  We urge you however to communicate with your seller or buyer and share this message and the links above.

Can Admin or anyone else cancel transactions?

We’re sorry, we cannot cancel any transactions made in error or otherwise.  We cannot cancel any transactions that you have decided you do not wish to complete.  Due to the nature of the blockchain, crypto currency and bitcoin like technology, this not possible at this time.  Please share this information with your TBC partners and understand this is not just a policy it’s physically not possible for support, Admin or you to do.  Please be sure of your transaction information, it’s best to copy/paste wallet IDs rather than try to type them.  Check over your details before hitting send.  For this reason, disputes between parties are not within our ability to assist.

Didn’t get your Kringles when you signed up?

It’s rare that the Kringle gift is not received, we see tens of thousands of kringle gifts each day, it will show in your wallet as an instant transaction.  But if you have not received it, there may be a reason why.  If you provided information such as an email address that was improperly formatted, wrong, someone else’s or something along those lines those are obvious reasons why you may have missed the gift.   If this is your case, please see below…

Missing Transactions or anything else?

In cases where we have not covered an issue you may have received, we will be setting up a portal for service in the coming weeks where we will have a non-email ticketing system that will allow you to select your issue and provide information to assist us to resolve your issue.  Please do not email us asking when, or where.  It will be prominently posted where you will have access to it when it’s ready.
We will collect information and process resolution swiftly.  Until then, we will receive your email but may not be able to resolve any transactional issues.

If you have sent or continue to send emails to tickets@thebillioncoin.info regarding missing/unconfirmed/or other transactions, we will collect your email address and email you details for the portal when it’s operational.  Please do not expect an immediate reply.

We know it’s frustrating and the faith of TBC that each member has placed in Admin is encouraging.  We are working to resolve all the issues and expand TBC’s capabilities.  Until then, please bear with us!

Thank you

The TBC Tech Team



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