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So from what I've studied, Internet of Things (IoT) really means "internet related materials". This uses Internet-related information detection devices to identify themselves within a wireless area network (WAN).

I think the LCFHC connects different detection, monitoring and intelligence devices to their basic systems to create an unchallenged CRYPTOCURRENCY system. The integration of these devices into their basic systems will result in:

1). Easy Money Tracking
2). Knowing the place of the recipient of the transaction and the recipient
3). Buying products at the right store, even a discount or a coupon to buy later.
4). Transfering funds easily. etc

Now IoT has its advantages, which are grouped into three:

1). Fully Aware: Because the system is connected to material through the internet, the sensors will keep the user or participants of that technology in control and know what to do or not.
2). Reliable Delivery: Based on our interconnectedness with the Internet on material things that we use everyday, transactions or information are delivered to the customers precisely.
3). Intelligent Processing: The meaning of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in computing and cloud forms will be used to make intelligence and delivery transactions intelligent.

Technically as an Internet thing, IoT uses MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) software, algorithms and technologies to enable smooth running in which LCFHCs adopt their core systems.
N / B: Just as Google uses an IoT to serve more than 6.7 billion people worldwide, LCFHC will easily use IoT to achieve its goals and objectives.

In general, IoT is used in our daily lives and we do not even know it. For example,
1). Food Security: Various agri-food industries are now using integrated systems, MEMS and other Internet-connected technologies to inform consumers about a product, its benefits and applications, and then buy for consumption.

2). Peace: no information can be easily distributed without disturbing people using our smartphones, laptops, GPS, etc. All are connected to the Internet and we can do a lot.

3). Human health: even in hospitals, Internet connections are necessary because even a patient on the bed can feel comfortable thanks to the Internet connections on the bed to relieve pressure or monitor the patient without any intervention Han. While using MEMS, algorithms and technology.

4). Smart Home: If you have smart devices in your homes, you can sit anywhere, perhaps at work and pull on the fireplace, check lighting, check the cooling system, even the air conditioning system without human intervention.

5). Fiber Detection Temperature Monitoring System: where there is good monitoring and maintenance for lighting in sub-stations, subway systems, train control, hydropower or dam, pressure detection and leaks in oil and gas pipeline systems. Etc.

IoT will be a part of our lives by 2020.

So I think LCFHC integrates the IoT to make them the best of the cryptocurrency system ever built and helps us to study our purchases, our location, our lifestyle and give us perfect assumptions using Artificial Intelligence.

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